time passes as the world drifts by without me

The world moves along, while lately I stay at home more an more, letting it drift along without me

Going anywhere is a struggle, being anywhere else makes me so frustrated, an wish I had never gone out, makes me think, ‘what’s the point in trying at all’

I never miss much anyway, as nothing ever changes

People annoy me, with their comments an questions as to why I want to stay home

hearing them breathe or chew on food makes me angry, I get angry because I’m getting angry

The lingering thought of death stays in my mind, ‘would anyone miss me’ ‘would I be better of in the forever silence, eternal sort of coma, you never awaken from’

I wonder what life is all about sometimes, in short you are born, you go to school, college/ university, get a job, get married, kids, retire an then die, everything you worked your life for gone

And in time, with it any memory of you, a tome stone, neglected, the only reminder of the person who once was


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