Friction with a burn

Its been over a week now since my brother came to live with us, it must be how it is in the big brother house, everything is fine for the first few days until everyone is settled, then the sparks begin to fly

I’ve noticed mum has gotten distant an crabby, an my brother has begun to speak his mind, which is never a good thing, no one wants to be around him at the best of times

His girlfriend visits an stays over at the weekends, they have always had a pull an tug type of a relationship anyway, its like they are standing on eggs, all seems good till one cracks

Meals together, that were once a get together are now more because we are together already

I’m not sure how I feel, people are mostly neutral toward me, only giving back what I put out

I had been feeling tired more since my brother came, but I think I’ve adjusted now, with the live I had before in the children’s home, there were always people leaving an new people coming in all the time, in a way it made me adjust to a constant changing life


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