flash bulb memories

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of strange, it somehow feels like death is lurking over my shoulder, like a dark presence is always never too far away

I feel sluggish, an drained, even though I’ve been eating really healthy lately, though I do smoke, sometimes I’m dizzy an a little disorientated, like I’ve been drugged, but haven’t actually taken anything

I think if I was going to die, I would have so many regrets, an possibly try an do the things that fear held me back from

So why then, knowing that, can’t I do those things here an now when I might be fine

I keep getting flashes in my mind, like one second memories that aren’t mine, seeing peoples faces flash in my mind, like being in a dark room, a bulb flashes, lighting the room up for about a second, an then you see the other person

Hmm deep breath, an begin a new day


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