please dont leave me, dont leave me, come back

You went from my reality to a dream…

Love I’m sure is different for each person, feeling it in their own way

I still hold on to a love from years ago, ten to be exact, I was only 14 at the time, an although not my first, it was the first time I felt close to anyone, not going into too much detail, it never went beyond a kiss, it was innocent, not what you would call serious really

Back then in the children’s home, we had to hide, relationships were against the rules

~ “Do you remember me, or have you forgot, we used to hide in case we got caught” ~

I don’t know why I still cling on to it, it still upsets me to think of it, maybe it was the excitement of it all, that it was forbidden , maybe its because it was the first time I felt a real closeness to someone, or
maybe its because I was moved away an we lost touch, an it never had a real ending

A part of me wishes I could resolve the past, but another part of me wants to remember it how it was, innocent, an truly happy in that moment, maybe for the first time in my young life

~ “when I’m sad, I wish you were here, when times are hard, I’d like to know you were near” ~

Like a message in a bottle, adrift at sea, let a part of it go, an keep a part locked away in my heart forever, buried but cherished

“Never made to say goodbye, lost but not forgotten, time just lost track… Please don’t leave me, don’t leave me, come back”


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