depression: the drug without a rush

~ Ever heard the saying “they’re in a world of their own” ~

mental illness is like a drug, where every day is like going cold turkey, an anti depressants are only the fuel for another addiction…

I feel trapped in this body, like its a cage, where I’m being constantly punished by its mind

People look at suicide, or thinking about it as the lazy way out, or that you’re a failure, but when you live with an illness of any kind, that impacts your life on a daily basis, death seems to be the only way out, inner strength, an will power slowly fades over time

As I said once before, our lives are our own, an so shouldn’t we be able to decide when we have had enough

~ I’m living in a dark haze an I’m searching for the light on the other side, but for now I’m in a world of darkness ~