over protected

I took actions in the past couple of years, actions I thought would protect me from the harshness of life, but really all I’ve done is isolated an restricted myself so much, that now I’m living in a bubble, my own real life version of the movie ground hog day

I’m 25, an the way I’ve constructed my life over the last 4 years, its to the point where if I went somewhere, it would be 1000 questions about it, or having to explain myself, if it became a habit, my family would begin to resent me, for not spending more time with them

I’m respected in my family, but at other times I’m treated like I might break

Its what I guess I wanted, as in, I wanted to feel safe, but I never seen it getting to this point

I need to begin to live more, I go out an do regular things people do, or once in a while I’ll have one mad night, just to reset my mind in a way, to get it out of my system, it also shows me what I’m missing out on

What I need is to loosen the reigns of my life, live more, lighten up, an not be so backward an uptight

If I don’t, it could be too late one day, and all I will have is regrets


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