Family Struggles

Some families row, mine explode!

My older brother has a bad temper, an its like walking on egg shells around him

My younger brother always borrows his stuff, an tonight it was a belt, that was the last straw, he’d gotten it dirty, an my older brother flipped out!!

I wasn’t involved in it all, but it turned from cross, to livid, then he turned on everyone else, pointing out everyone’s flaws, an being really obnoxious, it went on to him taking it out on an hitting his girlfriend, over a dirty belt!

So now they have broke up, whether its forever I don’t know, they always fall out an make up again

It makes a horrible atmosphere, an brings everyone down, my heart was racing an I got emotional, even though it was nothing really to do with me, but just being there was enough

I must say though, he needs a wake up call, he’s angry, can be so hurtful an evil, he’s controlling an abusive, an at times he’s horrible to be around

Sorry, for him is a well used word, but how much more can we all take


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