Evil face of crazy

I’ve wondered, am I an evil person, hurt an betrayal have pushed me into becoming more like a robot than a person who can feel anything other than the negative, in a way it adds more fuel to my mental health

The life I’ve had has instilled me with being emotionally strong, and the ability to switch off my feelings

I do struggle with guilt, but again I can switch it off if I have too, an after some of the things I’ve done, its a good thing I can

But its this that makes me wonder, am I evil? the fact that I could easily disown everyone I’ve ever known

I usually find it hard to trust people in my life, an my feelings toward them quickly grow to hate, I’ve become angry an bitter, and I’m allowing it to consume me an my life

It takes a lot for me to fully except someone into my life, an very little to remove them from it

I’m like a broken toy, poison an toxic to those around me

I feel like I’m a wasted life, becoming more void, I’m not making this world any better by being here, right now I’m just another dim light dulling the worlds shine

“someday the world will be consumed by greed, its over polluted with people who are only good for stealing air”


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