Suffering the Suffocation

Ever feel like the walls of life are closing in, suffocated by life

I feel so out of touch with everything lately, almost like I’ve left my life an now I’m only looking in through a glazed window, so I don’t really get what’s going on

The closest family members to me are in their own turmoil, my step dad never wants anything to do with me, my younger brother has moved out after a family row, both my brothers are in trouble with the law, my older brother has a swollen forehead after a latest fight, my aunt is stressed out, yet slightly too immature to process it all, my mum has become deeply involved with christianity an is popping so many pills you could shake her like a rattle

I’ve isolated myself so much from the outside world, that i’ve become immersed in everyone else’s chaos

I’ve got my own problems, an not many ways I can turn

When people say they feel alone, even in a room filled with people, I can understand that so well

I feel like doctors are becoming bored with me, so I’m silently suffering, though my mood swings are getting harder to control, the inner anger an sadness, my mind is becoming my enemy

I am trying to look ahead, in a way I’m trying to find reasons to be grateful for my life


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