The Cold Grip Of Death

Where do I begin, where does anyone begin when in a period of suicidal madness, when life seems so empty, so dark, an the only warmth, ironically the blood coursing through your body, keeping you alive

Anyone can say, I want to die, or, I don’t want to be here… For me, I wish I could put it down to something that maybe a normal person would, by that i’m not saying that I have any more of a valid or more meaningful or deserving reason than anyone else

do I even deserve the right to be suicidal, should we have the right to feelings we don’t truly understand??

What is it like for each person, to be suicidal

For me it would be the void of emotion other than total emptiness, feeling alone in a world of billions, betrayal by my own mind, and an indescribable fear

waking up to yet another day, looking around the room at my worldly belongings, the things that would be the crime scene to best describe who I was..

For others, everything would finally make sense, my cries for help, my dark poetry, an this blog, an insight into the question of why


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