Boy Interrupted

I’ve always felt like the outcast, slightly different from the crowd, though not special in any way

I’ve never really felt close to anyone, I guess growing up in foster care has damaged me in some way, emotionally

The people who seemed to care have always been people assigned to do so, through their job, following orders, or being paid by the government

I look at my life now, compared to before, the me from memories is like a life that never existed, and the me I am today is just existing

In general, i’ve had a good enough life so far, an made some good memories from it, but i feel as though, if someone told me that tomorrow was my last day, I would be happy to go

Its like my life is a story, written by someone else, who never took the time to finish, an so I’ve come to the end of the script

happy endings seem to only happen in movies, so my best hope is that this is all a bad dream an I wake up soon

I just feel lost, an I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t know where I fit in, in life, or where to turn anymore for help


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