A Tear Falls Forever Inside A Broken Heart

~ “A heart that’s broken is lonely, a cold an dark place where only bitterness grows” ~

(This post is about a couple of people, but all woven into one ~ my heart doesn’t have a voice of its own, but if it did I know what it would want to say to them)

Do you remember me, do you think of me sometimes, or am I just a memory you’d rather forget

I think it would hurt more if I knew you’d forgotten me, because the way I feel has never changed

Why do I waste my time trying to make you jealous, or trying to replace you, maybe to fix the hole you left in my heart

I felt hurt, and betrayed… But that was ok for you because you had someone else who healed your heart

Did you think about how I felt, no, I didn’t think you did

All the lies you fed me, I trusted you, but you didn’t want to know as soon as things got too real

Was it so easy for you to move on, because you seem so happy without me in your life

I’m happy that you found someone who loves you, maybe even more than I ever could

You never gave me the chance, so I guess we’ll never know

~ “Time heals all wounds, but you cut me deep, you drank the poison, but I died” ~


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