Finding My Purpose

So its a new day…

I woke up in a better mood, I took time an visited my sick god mother, she’s recovering from cancer, an no one else seems to care, not even her own family

I also was there to help my cousin who was pretty much having a breakdown, I was there with tissues an a hug, an to show I cared, I know what its like to sit an cry an everyone around you just sits there looking uncomfortable, an you feel alone, which makes you feel worse

I thought to myself, everyone has a purpose in life, maybe to be there at a certain point in someone else’s

Also i know that a good day can come with its own price, it can be confusing, make us feel more lost, it throws life out of balance an we don’t then know what it is that we want anymore

I’m not going to take it for granted, just enjoy it for what it is, an be grateful for it

tomorrow is a new day, an we all know how fast things can fall apart


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