Living In Denial

I hate how life lately feels too real, its like I was living behind a vale an now its dropped, its like I can suddenly see everything, like I’m looking at known things for the first time, an i don’t like what I’m seeing

is that also known as denial?

I have a high level of discomfort around everyone, I feel awkward an judgmental against those I’m closest to, an I can’t understand why

Then I punish myself by feeling guilty, all the while trying to justify my thoughts to myself

I’ve never fallen this far down before, I guess I’ve earn the label of ‘major depression’

I feel like such a horrible person at the moment, its easy to wear the mask of ‘happy’, but I don’t want to pretend anymore, maybe because I’m finding it hard to keep up the act

Its like I’m a sinking ship, an I don’t want everyone around me to become the captain

You know the saying, ‘tomorrow is a new day’ … I’m finding it does apply in my life, I can’t wait until one day ends, an then dread the thought of another


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