Glimmer Of Light In A Teardrop

I awoke today, caught in the grip of this hell I’m going through, I intended to stay in and be alone

But then I thought no I won’t, so I went out, I fought back, an I’m glad I did

As time past, my mood kept on lifting, eventually I was smiling, laughing, having a joke, I saw a glimmer of the old me shining through, I could feel that me crawling to the surface, almost released from a cage

You know how when you break down, an everything just comes out, the hurt, the pain, just a total release, you totally just let go of everything bottled up… that didn’t happen with me, but my mind feels as though it did

Its strange when you get a ‘day off’ from everything you’re going through, it gives you a chance to see things clearly, its a weird feeling, its like the sun breaking through the clouds

I think I get so caught up in this illness, I begin to cling to it, it becomes me, consumes me

When you allow that to happen, you start to dig yourself a hole almost, the more of a grip it takes on your life, the deeper you dig, the more climbing you have to then do on your way back up to your recovery

I’m finishing the day calm, free from the chains… A little freedom for now at least


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