Police, An The Watchful Eye Of A&E Staff

I left my aunts house tonight, inside I knew I’d never be seen again, but something happened, like for a moment I saw sense, I was afraid, an for my own safety I handed myself into the police station

I just couldn’t take anymore of life, an I suddenly cracked

I was then taken by ambulance to hospital, I’ve just been in an ‘out of it’ daze so I’m not really aware of what’s going on yet, i just feel… Numb

So here I am sitting in A&E, every time I go for a smoke, they think I’m going to run off, an I’m getting kinda pissed off, they keep asking me to come inside, I can’t help but give them attitude

I refused the routine tests, I just didn’t want to be touched by anyone

Now I’m stuck here listening to the cries of the poorly, mostly injured drunk people, while I wait in the cue to be seen by the doctor, what will happen I don’t know, I’m tired an just wanna go to bed, i’m regretting my cry for help now

They mentioned maybe staying over night which will not be happening, i feel like I’m literally breathing in death an I feel really sick

I got a glance at my report ‘high risk of self harm’ …

Where will I be after a few hours, an how will I get home, also, how will I explain all this to my family, i’ll update as time passes…. Not much I can do now but wait


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