Binge On Drama

Mum an my step dad have headed away for valentines, an won’t be back until tomorrow or tuesday

My younger brother, as you know is living with us right now, he came home last night after drinking yet again, an causing the family more stress

He always turns on everyone, including me, which I had to deal with not just thursday night, but yesterday as well, he’s almost drove me to the point where I’ve just about washed my hands of him, as hard as that would be

When drunk, he uses emotional blackmail, an never really apologises for anything he does, after a while, everything goes back to how it was, as if nothing ever happened, then relies on everyone else to bail him out with money

He was allowed back home last night again, an now I’m stuck with him, almost like a baby sitter

If he gets up to anything, I’m the one who has to deal with it, he’s downstairs right now, dealing with a hangover after his 24 hour drink binge

He’s ok for now, he always is when he’s sober, he’s almost the perfect brother in fact

Our whole childhood, it was only him an I, but since we both moved back home from foster care, we have drifted apart a lot, I know we aren’t the same people, everyone changes over time, but not to the extent that you feel like you no longer know them anymore

I’ve used a little reverse psychology on him, ‘now that mums away, you can prove to everyone that you had the chance to do anything, an you didn’t’

My mind is just racing with all the horrible scenarios that could happen, an getting a little worked up

Its only been a week since I had a breakdown, I don’t need drama right now

My mum deserves to get away, just in my opinion, it was just to easy to drop all an run

I sound so selfish, am I overreacting?


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