Under A Destructive Sky

~ Stop basing your happiness on how you compare with other people ~

Its a sunny day, an the boy next door is out back playing football with his dad, I hear them laugh, an think, is it that easy to be happy

A smile to me is a mask, an not really a sign of any happy emotion, I can’t remember the last time I was truly happy, perhaps back in a time when I was still naive about life an what was going on around me

Over the years bits of me have been slowly chipped away, until now I realise I’m just a hollow shell, sometimes having to act an emotion that I can’t actually feel anymore

I think of how lucky I am, compared to some desperate souls in the world, an all the wonder that life has to offer, but sometimes that just isn’t enough when that beauty is infected with something so destructive

I can’t help but see the world as such a dark place, full of ego an selfishness, where people are only truly happy when they hurt others to get what they want out of life

There’s a saying that goes, ‘god only gives you what he thinks you can handle’
There’s also a saying that says ‘you don’t drown in water, you drown by staying there’ ~ in my case I’ve been trapped there beneath the depths of despair my whole life


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