Me, Myself And Crazy: Ghost

There’s an old saying: a life lived in the shadows, is no life at all ~

Today I was walking into town with my brother.. We were talking about how others view us, because of certain actions by our older brother a while ago

I happened to make the comment, that I’m ok, because, if I wasn’t seen with certain people ie: a family member, then no one would really know who I was, to which he replied, that’s true, nobody would, you’re like a ghost

I know that I’ve put myself where I am today, I’m not seen, an I guess that’s how I wanted it, but hearing it from another person, it was like a blow, an I did feel a little emotion well up inside me

I surround myself with a small tight knit group of people, which has its good points, but with equal bad points too, I’d image it like being on big brother, sometimes you can spend too much time around the same people

I think the most annoying thing about that lately is that, I find myself being told the same stories, like I wasn’t even there the last time I was told

I’ve created this bubble around myself, an sometimes I think it just needs to pop, when it does these days, its in the wrong ways, the fights, the fall outs, the secrets, the whispering behind each others backs

To the minor things that begin to bug me, like how a certain person always chews gum, an you hear the constant slapping chews

Sometimes its like I’m drowning, Its like a pressure cooker, that’s been boiling an bubbling over

For me, a whole life of emotions can be lived in one day


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