Skull An Cross Bones

~ no one could save me, no drug could fix me, it hit me now, I feel like I’m going to explode ~ cover drive

I hate this feeling, of a jump between two worlds, when you feel apart from the real one, an you feel you’re on the outside

My mind is slowly falling apart, I can actually feel myself becoming unhinged, its like being ripped from reality, an its too much for my mind to process, its like I’m playing catch up all the time

I’m trying to function as best I can, trying to hold it together, I’m so emotional, but i’m just going through the motions, an I feel so alone in it all

The constant drama in my life means there is no harbour from the storm

Little things are blown so out of proportion in my mind, things that mean nothing are beginning to mean way to much to me, I feel so under pressure all the time, so overwhelmed, drowning as I’ve called it before

You get the thoughts, ‘what is happening to me’ … ‘Will someone please help me’ you get scared, but there is nowhere to hide, and you can’t run from yourself

Though I’m in no way an expert, i’ve been researching how I am, and it seems its just mild symptoms of psychosis, I say mild, its a serious illness, but its not time to panic, I’m still in control.. Just

I’ve been staying away from the doctors, an I haven’t been talking to anyone about how I feel, its a conscious decision I made, it’s ok, because I’ve always been very independent anyway, an I have an appointment with the mental health team on thursday, where I’ll hash it out

We’ll see what happens, I’m not as weak as I might sound, I’m a tough cookie ”enter smiley face here”


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