Reliving In A Memory

Sometimes we just need to get away, away from everything we know, an go back to something we knew, a time when we were happy

A few of us headed away yesterday to the zoo, I love to revisit things that I loved as a child, perhaps its when I was truly happy, too naive to know any better, an what made it even more special was that it was with family, something I didn’t get to do years ago

As I’ve explained in past posts, I grew up in foster care

The day started with the usual drama, my older brother was in a mood, he was being rude an little fights broke out between him an his girlfriend, so at first I regretted going, but as time past it got better, an it turned out to be a good day in the end

With so many people around, I did suddenly feel anxious, but then something happened, I was able to ignore everyone around me, like they weren’t there, an my social phobia wasn’t even an issue

We were in belfast, its miles from our little town, but its like being in another world, where no one seems to care who you are, an you don’t really get judged, its filled with so many different cultures, an although I wouldn’t want to live there, it strangely feels like home

It helped me to realise that i need to start believing that not everyone is out to hurt me, an that I can be a part of the world, just like everyone else


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