Eclipse Of Turmoil

You wouldn’t think that my life could out do itself, an take things up an notch, but like myself, you’d be wrong!

Things had been quite quiet for me, more than usual anyway…
Come saturday, when its like I’d been dialled up to level ten, I was slightly manic all day

I was invited for a drink on saturday night… In the back of my mind, I guess I knew it was a bad idea, but the need for a bit of fun, an a release of everything pent up inside made me ignore that

After an ok, an slightly drama free night, i went to bed, an the next day, I went on home, but as usual, things carried on after I left, things escalated further, resulting in my older brother getting into more than one fight on sunday night

He first rehashed a new fight with an old enemy, an then started another fight with someone else who was making threats

It ended with my aunt spilting the second guy open with a plank of wood, when originally, she only got involved to separate them

My brother then got arrested for drinking, which was a breech of his bail

Now everyone’s talking about it across facebook, an gossiping behind closed doors, our family name is like dirt, but I know I played no part in it, I never do, its one thing I can honestly say, my name is clean, but I guess we all get tarred with the same brush

That’s the gist of it, I’m not going to explain it in great detail, its enough to get my point across, an that’s my only aim in this post

So… Somehow now, its like I’ve split off into another life, like I’ve been ripped from my life, an now I’m looking in from the outside

All I want is a drama free life, a normal life, by normal standards anyway


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