Emotions In Motionless

Ever have those days, you lay in bed, motionless, lifeless… Every sound you can hear, only seems to deepen your mood, a car, a dog, peoples voices in the distance

Perhaps you realise that, with or without you, the world goes on, an it will continue to do so, you don’t really care, you wish there was an easy way out, you call for help, but only in your mind an passing thoughts

You try to pick yourself up, maybe tell yourself, its just the illness, its just me in the moment, come tomorrow I’ll regret anything I do, maybe you weren’t even going to do anything in the first place, but somehow having that thought, the wondering, it somehow helps

Maybe you think, some day, someone will help me, save me, won’t they??

They’ll notice I’ve changed, I’m not the usual old me, not for attention, but to know you’re loved, to know there are people who care, maybe just a hug, an it’ll all be ok again.. Won’t it??

But we are still here, we’re strong, stronger than we think, we can do it, an we will, hope goes a long way, as well as inner strength an belief in ourselves


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