I’m trying to deal with what I’m going through, affairs of the heart aside, but family drama is like rain, its never too far away

My younger brother, as I’ve mentioned before, is living with us, an has been for about nine months, he pays rent, but takes liberties too often, he has no respect for anyone, an just uses us when he needs something

Once his bail was lifted, he was back to the old him again, getting drunk… He had been warned, if he was drinking, to stay away from the house, but he landed home at 4:40am, shouting an roaring to get in, an throwing stones at our bedroom windows, when we ignored him, he then tried to force open the windows downstairs, an trying to force open the doors, an giving abuse to the neighbours, that must have been looking out, wondering what was going on

it takes a lot to anger my step dad, he had been out early, as he works for the counsel, he’s a bin man, but for extra money, on sundays he does the early street cleaning… When my step dad got home, my brother was still trying to get in, my step dad couldn’t take anymore, an through anger let him in, but warned not to be making any noise

We’ve had all we can take, he never seems to have money, even though he gets enough, yet constantly begs for money an smokes, eating food that’s for everyone to share, by that I mean all the nice things, when I last quizzed him about it, all I got was, ‘I pay rent’ an ‘first come, first serve’ other times I just get ignored, he also just leaves his mess for someone else to clean up, an just goes on into our rooms an uses our aftershaves, I’ve actually had to start hiding them

So I’m done, an last night, not only for me, was the last straw, my mums now told him, she thinks its about time he was moving on, an try to find a place of his own

Today we left him at home, an we went for a drive to the marina, had a nice walk around the water, it was so peaceful, being around water always is for me, we were happy, a family, but like anything you have to come home to, there’s no running away from it


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