Snap Shots Of A Present Future

Its eye opening, when you look back on your life, at all the people who have been a part of it, everyone who is no longer in your life have each left you with a little piece that makes up your ‘jigsaw’, so to speak, some change you for the better, you learn from it, but some leave a scar, an we cope with it

Its a strange thought to try an think of life a year from now, an where I might be, my court case an claim against homefirst will finally be over, an hopefully at last I’ll feel free again, an ready to leave that part of my life where it is, in the past

That will be june next year, after that I’ve decided to find a place of my own, an maybe learn to drive, get some more independents in life, an not to ‘depend’ on others so much, an maybe meet someone special, things don’t always work out, but it can teach us where not to go wrong next time

I hope my family an I, can finally be settled, an be closer, these days my older brother only says ‘I love you’.. When he’s been drinking, an my younger brother is like a stranger to me now, we grew up together, we were all we had, but now we have drifted apart, not going to deep into detail, as I’ve already explained certain things in past posts, but a stronger relationship with other family members would also be good

All the pieces are there to be put back together

I have learned a lot over this past year, about who I am, an what I want in life now, I only wish that what I know now, I knew sooner but, I’m learning more about myself everyday, an the unknown isn’t as scary as I thought, its just taking the risks an that leap of faith

I also know that there will always be hard times ahead, an we have to learn how to stay strong an face them, which can be easier said than done sometimes

There is such a thing as wishful thinking, but what’s life without a wish an a dream


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