Boy In The Mirror: Jekyll And Hyde

I’m happy to tell you, that just lately I’ve been doing better, its strange because for a while, I felt like I was alone in the dark, then suddenly its like a hand reaches to pull you out, an you can see the light again, an you see the good in things once more

Depression can be like a demon that possesses every part of your being, every part of your life, an it consumes you

You become a person that you hate, usually the part of you that you can normally keep locked away, an hope never comes out, perhaps not for everyone, but for me, its like a horrible darkness inside

Everything seems darker somehow, an more lonely, you feel lost, but don’t really care if you’re found, every happy sight makes you burn with jealousy, an anger, everyone is your enemy, an no amount of kindness ever seems to be enough, because people are only objects on whom to take out your hurt an frustrations

If only you could cry, then maybe it would release some of the pain, the tears don’t come, an even if they do, they’re silent an hidden away, just like your inner voice, ‘someone please help me’ but no one ever comes, because its your private most inner feelings, grieving for something that’s missing

Things become harder to deal with, the slightest thing, that might mean nothing normally, is only another reason or excuse to dig yourself deeper into a place of misery, a place you can’t see yourself ever escaping from

Your mind becomes your only friend, because you can’t bare to be around anyone else, and a lot of the time, you’re alone with your thoughts, but it can also become the thing that you fear the most, an its the one thing you can’t run from


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