Loving With A Glass Heart

We start our lives how we all do, silly and unaware, naive, the sun always shines and even the darkest cloud has a silver lining, As the years go on, the days turn colder, and the clouds hold only rain

Your heart that once beat with excitement, now only beats as a reminder that you’re still alive

You see us smile, we laugh, so you think we’re happy, we wear the mask of everybody else, but the eyes tell a different story

No one really knows the hidden truth, the hurt and pain behind the closed door, the smile fades, the laughter ends, replaced with lifeless eyes, the sparkle now in them from tears, the sound of laughter now is the sound of a hidden sadness, the mask is removed, everything is real, an we feel every emotion

There’s no fight, just tired, had enough, you know that raw emotion so well, sometimes living in denial, until it creeps up on you again, how can you fight something that you cant see, and you no longer have the will to if you could, its you, its me

Now hollow, happiness just in your fantasies, only memories, raw in your mind, alone you face the world, your inner voice your only friend

An out stretched hand goes cold, a cry for help lost in the wind, living like a shadow, unseen an distant

foot prints of where you’ve come, but nothing to lead you back, You walk alone, dead inside, dead to the world, forgotten as you were never seen


3 responses to “Loving With A Glass Heart

  1. I understand how you feel. I have lost that natural enthusiasm and it has been replaced by ‘raw’ emotion. I am going to put up a Blog specifically about mental health. Do have a look. John.x

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