My Brother: The Hopeless Drunk

That’s the only way I can really explain how I’m feeling, its like my emotions have built up until a sort of short circuit has happened, so I’m kind of feeling empty

Though family life is drama filled as usual

My younger brother has been living life like one big party lately, its come to the point where I don’t feel safe around him anymore, the other day a knife went missing from the drawer, an it turned out he had taken an hidden it, when asked why, he just said ‘you don’t wanna know’ i’d be lying if I said I didn’t have flashes of him using the knife on us some night

He had thought people were banging on our windows, but it was noise from next door, so perhaps having the knife was to make him feel safe

The last time we were having a drink together, he freaked out, an thought we were only pretending to be nice to him, but had a secret plan to ‘get him’.. When he had sobered up, or come around a bit, I asked him did he truly believe that, to which he just said ‘you don’t know how my mind works’

Only saturday, an again he had been drinking, trying to hide from us as we drove by him on the street, it later turned out the police were looking for him, I’m not totally sure why, but he had told a neighbour he’d threatened to stab a women that lives near us, the police later caught up with him, an gave him a caution

But the night escalated further, with him threatening other people, roaring, an trying to involve my older brother in the situations he’d got himself into, an really just being a drunken nuisance, which ended in him being arrested, held for the night, an then released on bail yesterday

So now once again, this will spread around town, like it always does, an our family name is once again being pulled through the mud

Today he had the cheek to ask me to buy him a top up for his phone, especially after me only buying him cigarettes, an after what he’s done, an on top of that, just lying at home all day, wanting to be lifted an laid by everyone else like nothings happened

But that’s him, always doing what he wants, then its as if he did nothing wrong, like his own lala land, an then asks favours because his ‘lifestyle’ leaves him with nothing, he has no respect for anyone anymore, its like I’m talking about a stranger


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