Look Around You, This Is Your Life

Have you ever just took a moment, you look around you, an think, ‘this is my life’, this is all I have in the world, an this sums up everything I’ve ever done, an everywhere I’ve ever been, an everyone I’ve ever known

The therapist from the other day was right, she advised me as a therapist, to not put my life on hold, I had told her that once my court case was over, which will be june next year, that i would plan to move out into my own place, an try to make it on my own, she said that was almost another year that I was putting my life on hold for, an really… What was stopping me

With everything I’m surrounded by, it is a toxic environment, she wondered why I stick around, then she said, there’s my step dad, being the only one in our close circle of family without some form of mental illness, if she was him, after everything I’d told her, she would have been gone long ago

I’m glad that she gave me things to come away thinking about, no one I’ve seen in my mental health team has ever really just been blunt with me, I, an I don’t think any of us truly do, want help from people who just sit there nodding along an writing away, but not actually doing anything to point us in the right direction

Secretly, we all know the truth already, but might not want to face the reality of it, or just live in denial, until someone just tells us how it is, it might come as a blow, or knock us back, but its everything we’ve known all along, its nothing we didn’t already know, I guess its called perspective, an I think that’s what people like us, with any form of illness really need


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