The Mr Men Of Crazy

My life is so up an down lately, which is making my emotions go haywire, each day is like ticking off a ballot of all the different highs an lows I go through

Everyone around me seems to be so tetchy these days, they are so stubborn an head strong, that having your own opinion sparks of yet another disagreement, the worst part for me is the total lack of interest, I can’t be heard, an no one wants to listen

My mum is usually tired, an she has become quite snappy, she’s never done complaining about something, usually about how she’s feeling, its become boring now, my aunt is so snotty, using a tone of voice that would make anyone cross, my older brothers anger seems to be sparked off easily, an when he’s not angry, you would swear he has ADHD

They are all now in the process of packing to move house, but it feels like, to me, that they are only ‘packing their troubles to go’

An then there’s my younger brother, who again was arrested last night at gun point, after he an a friend got drunk, an stupidly cut each other with a knife, my brothers friend stupidly asked him to do it, an of course he did, it was serious enough though at first to be classed as GBH with intent, but he was released today, pending further investigation

So my mum chose this time to kick him out, which I felt was wrong, it should have been handled weeks ago, so right now he’s with the housing executive, trying to find somewhere to stay tonight, because he’s broken so many bridges, an his only friends seem to be ‘drink buddies’ he has no one there for him

Part of me knows that the way he’s been acting, an the way he’s been treating us all is not right, an not easy to forgive, an that he needs to be shown that we won’t stand for it, but i can’t help but feel guilty, an there’s nothing I can do, an even if I could, would it be right to

Perhaps its as we have a slightly different relationship from the others, growing up, we were all we had, although we have drifted apart over the last few years, that bond will always be there over the others

In the midst of it all, I’m trying to hold myself together, but its like, so much is going wrong, my problems seem so minor, an to not force myself to almost keep quiet would be seen as being selfish

I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I should feel, I guess I feel lost, that’s all I can really say at this moment in time


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