I feel like screaming 。。。Just everyone, go away an leave me the hell alone!!!

Today has such a strange atmosphere to it, my brother an his girlfriend, came to lift us today (mum, younger brother an I) an they were arguing nearly the whole time, which made me feel uneasy, they are always falling out these days, over any little thing

My mum seems very distant, an keeps falling asleep, my guess is that she’s slightly doped on medication, as per her usual, plus I’m unwell with the flu, an surprise surprise, now she is also, I know you can catch the flu, its just typical of her, like a lot of the time, I’d suffer from electric type jolts running through my body, now lately she is having them too 。。。Its like she’s a sponge, an she mimics my illnesses all the time

My younger brother is back living with us again, he broke his bail by being caught drunk in town, got sent to prison until the court date on wednesday, now he’s out on a new bail, an has an ankle tag

My ex, an a new friend of mine, who it so happens were dating! They only just broke up, an as I’m friendly with them both I’m caught in the middle, an have to listen to how much she loved him, ammm hello?? You loved me only back in september

Little did I know, she went on a date with him, the same day as me, after I went home 。。。I’m now glad that it never worked out with us, it would have been worse in the long run, finding out

He’s told me she’s a stalker, an he was thinking of involving the police over it all, but now I have her asking me how he is all the time, as he won’t reply to any of her calls, texts or emails, so I know I’m being used, but then that’s my life story

Maybe to others these things might be laughable, but there is a lot going on in my own personal life at the same time, that I’m trying to deal with, an it all weighs on me, its so emotionally draining, with that an my flu, an the drag from my medication, I’m walking around like a lost, lifeless zombie, stressed out an can’t cope anymore

~When you have a good heart, you help too much, you trust too much, you give too much, you love too much an it always seems you hurt the most ~


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