Blank 。。。That’s how I feel

I’m sitting here on my bed, an I’m going through a range of emotions, an then hitting a blank, its like taking the same ghost train over an over again

I thought I was finally coming around today, I was in a better mood, but its like I keep crashing out all the time, an then I’ll become frustrated, an feel like I’ve been caged by the walls around me

I feel like I’m falling apart, I can’t cope for much longer, I’m pushing people away, when I really should be letting people in, but now isn’t the time

My younger brother, went away today, no surprise he got drunk, ripped off his ankle tag, an then took off, the police are now looking for him, he’ll be arrested an sent to prison, but it was his choice, he chose alcohol again, he would rather go to prison, than give up that lifestyle

Now the last thing we need, is me talking about what I’m going through, but now that I’m having longer periods of better moods, an I’m slightly more in control, I might finally be on track again soon, hopefully this is just a minor setback


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