Cutting Loose The Dead Weight

Today has been a strange kind of day, in that I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching

It came to the point, where enough is enough, an I realised, we only settle for what we think we deserve, but we should never settle for second best

I’ve been biting my lip an tongue, for far too long! being used, an ignored, an only ‘needed when I’m needed’ An so I caved, I’ve now cut those people from my life, or ‘dead weight’ as I will now call them, I can now breathe a big sigh of relief

I was living with the belief that, its not the worst thing being treated that way, as long as I’m not alone, so I settled, I do it all the time, an I’m guilty of over looking the people who were already in my life before them

I’m not going to settle so quick in the future, I’ll think more carefully before I allow new people into my life


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