No One Said I Told You So

I would have made this post sooner, but I’ve been quite ill, but I’ll get to that

To update you, I cancelled my ESA appointment, I was lucky that you are allowed to cancel once, my new date is april 22nd, I’m yet to see my doctor for a letter to see if I can have a home visit

My friends birthday was on friday, I almost pulled out, but my mum kept pushing, in a nice way, for me to go, so I did, an it was so much fun, I think I enjoyed it the most! I need more nights like that, friends, laughing, a few drinks, dancing etc

Though when we got back home, the night turned, we drank some more, an did other things, which I don’t want to get into, but let’s just say I regret it, like I always do, I think the alcohol gets you swept up in the moment, an it had been a good night, which I didn’t want to end just yet

I should have just gotten the taxi to leave me home after having a good night out

I didn’t get home until saturday night, with no sleep either, I could barely talk as I’d smoked so much, an had been trying to shout over everyone all night

All day yesterday I felt awful, my muscles were so sore, I had a thumping headache, I felt sick, my body felt so warm, but I was shivering, I felt my heart beating fast the whole day, an I’ve had the worst nights sleep the last couple of days, but come today, I’m almost back to myself

Nights like that always end up with all sorts of people dropping in, I don’t even know if my brother knows them, because I’ve never seen them before, they usually end up not liking me, probably because I never shut up all night!

But I’m done with that coming into my life, I’ve said it before, but this time I mean it, its not worth it, an I get nothing from it, except feeling dirty an ashamed, but we live an learn


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