Dream Journal: Path To The Past

The next few dreams have a running theme, so I’ve grouped them together

Sun 13th Oct

The dream split between the children’s home I once lived in, an my aunts bungalow, a guy who also lived in the home, had packed my younger brother an my suitcases, an wanted us all to run away together, I wasn’t going but they tried to convince me

Also at one point I was back living in the children’s home, in the dream I was 23, the point being I had stayed 6 years over what I’d meant to have stayed (which is strange as in real life I’m 27)

I also saw my old room at one point, an it had been cleared out, an all the furniture had been giving to the other kids living there, so I had no stuff, I think the point being the staff that worked there had moved me out without me knowing

I also dreamt that I was at my god mothers house, an a ‘bad guy’ was trying to get in to get this boy that we were keeping safe

Fri 18th Oct

I had gone back to the children’s home again, it was a reunion, some people had turned up, one guy said he had moved back in, but had put on an inappropriate costume, an had been asked to leave again

Also a guy there had a collection of glass bears, which I accidentally broke some

I also revisited my old school, there were movie posters up everywhere, an movie posters up a long corridor, with what also looked like a call centre or some kind of tv stage

Sun 20th Oct

again I was back in the home, one of the kids there squirted glue over the back of my jeans, someone else started to pee on me (which was weird!)

For revenge I pushed their faces against a pebble dash wall, an pulled their faces downward, leaving them cut

I went into the laundry room to find a clean pair of trousers, the ones I found among the piles of clothes were either too big, or too small

The dream went on, I found the store room open, where the food is kept, an stole lots of sweets

Strangely brian griffin from ‘family guy’ was living in the bathroom which was next door

mon 21st Oct

once again I was back in the home, the store room once again was open, I stole lots of buns an cakes, I had to slip by a member of staff, but I had dropped some, I ran to the flat I had been living in then (which is in the home to teach independents) to quickly hide the evidence

I also dreamt that I was looking at my teeth in a mirror, an they were worn an chipped away at the front

Dream Analyses

the people who appear in dreams are the characters with which we write our ‘play’. Often they appear simply as themselves, particularly if they are people we know or have a relationship with in the here an now

We may introduce them in order to highlight a specific quality or characteristic, we may also permit them into our dream scenario as projections of our inner life or state of being

An individual from the past could link us with that period of our lives and with specific memories which may, or may not, be painful

Something Broken ~ symbolises loss or damage, action needs to be taken to break a bond or connection in the dreamers life


teeth ~ are supposed to stand for aggressive sexuality, although more properly they signify the growth process towards sexual maturity

Teeth falling out easily indicates we are going through some form of transition, similar to that from childhood to maturity, or from maturity to old age and helplessness

If we are anxious about teeth falling out, it suggests there is a fear of getting old and undesirable, or anxiety about maturing

Weirdly for women to dream of swallowing their teeth signifies pregnancy


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