Dream Journal: Other-Worldly

Tues 22nd Oct

A relationship from the past had ended, an now they were dating someone not very attractive, I was very insecure about my looks, and wondered, what was so wrong with me

Upset I went to the nearby beach, there were guys on horses, using them to go into the water and hunt for squid

I then went into the water, I was taking pictures for twitter, for some reason underwater, the pictures showed some kind of monster had been swimming near me

Later I dreamt that there were these orbs, they looked beautiful, an I wanted one, there were four, when I removed one, It omitted a sound wave, it turned out these orbs were used to keep a dragon asleep, now that I had removed one, it awoke, an it showed me trying to escape

Later, someone said they had seen aliens, I didn’t believe them, then a moving light in the sky caught my eye, I saw a whole world floating in the sky, it was hard to see as it was the same colour as the night sky, strangely we hitched onto a rocket headed for the moon, an got left off on this strange world, then the dream ended

Dream Analyses

Dragon/Monster ~ a fear which is beyond understanding, usually welling up from within rather than from the outside world

Horses ~ a horse represents the energy at the dreamers disposal, in my dream they were white and grey, which represents spiritual awareness, though a pale horse represents death

Water ~ water represents cleansing, being able to wash away the contamination we experience in everyday life, entering water suggests beginning something new

Alien ~ there is something unknown an frightening which needs to be faced

There is the potential for experiencing oneself, or a part of oneself, as not belonging. In dreams there is the realisation of being different from others in the way we live our lives


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