Dream Journal: Rockabye

Thru 24th Oct

Last night I dreamt I was pregnant!! (we have been talking about pregnancy a lot in real life lately, because of my brothers if you read my regular posts then you’ll understand)

Anyway, I dreamt I was eight months pregnant, I was nervous as I had only one month to go, in the dream I was still a man, I was going to be the first man to have a baby

All the way through, I hadn’t felt the baby move, so they did a scan, I could clearly see its face, it smiled, so we knew everything was ok

The bump wasn’t really noticeable under clothes, I didn’t like to look fat

Dream Analyses

Dreaming of pregnancy usually denotes a fairly protracted waiting period being necessary for something, possibly the completion of a project

A new area of our potential or personality is developing

Dreaming of pregnancy can simply indicate pregnancy in someone around us


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