Dream Journal: Rows & Riches

Sunday 27th Oct

I was back in the childrens home, I was packing to leave, when one of the cleaners started a row with me, an was saying I was hiding a gandalf cloak in a wardrobe

I don’t even like lord of the rings, so a little strange

Monday 28th Oct

I was a millionaire, but every time I wanted to spend money I had to show Id, the card was broken, an I was matching the two halves together to prove it was me

Dream Analyses

Fighting ~ if we dream we are in a fight, it usually indicates that we are confronting our need for independence, we may also need to express our anger and frustration and the subconscious desire to hurt someone else

Money ~ money In dreams does not necessarily represent hard currency, but more the way in which we value ourselves, this symbol appearing in dreams would suggest that we need to assess that value more carefully, an equally to be aware of what we pay for our actions and desires


4 responses to “Dream Journal: Rows & Riches

  1. A lot of people do not keep dream journals, but they can be very beneficial, or at least I think so. Every analysis of my dreams I’ve done has been right and has helped me in my life. I hope it does the same for you too. I’ve had dreams about things I don’t like too and I woke up thinking, “What the heck? Stay out of my dreams!”

    • It does, I think the more you journal about your dreams, the more you remember in future…

      My blog is mainly about my journey with mental illness, but these posts add something new

      You should read the previews of the halloween story I’m writing, the lead character is called crystal lol ๐Ÿ™‚

      • My blog is also about my own personal journey with mental illness and I’m doing Nanowrimo in November. I was so excited to see a Halloween story on your blog and with a character with the same first name as me! I love Halloween and I’ll definitely be reading the story.

      • Me too.. I always stick to my tradition of carving a pumpkin lol

        An thank you, I thought I’d try something new for once, shake the blog up a bit, it won’t be the best story ever written, but I’m giving it a go ๐Ÿ™‚

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