Dream Journal: Worlds End

Saturday 9th Nov

It was the same world, but like the movie riddick, where the sun was so powerful we had to hide from its light, in the dream I was using cardboard boxes to hide behind

There were limited supplies, an I was getting a dye, so my mum could do her hair, but for some reason I started using it, it was meant to be red, but in the mirror, it was blonde, looking in the mirror I also saw myself as an asian man

Dream Analyses

Oriental ~ For many people the oriental or eastern way of life is seen as being very exotic, dreaming of this may give us access to the part of us which becomes suppressed by the demands of everyday life

The oriental way of life appears to be more gentle and perhaps more intuitive than the western

Sun ~ the sun in dreams suggests warmth and conscious awareness

World ~ the world represents the area of experience in which one lives, and our everyday activities


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