New Short Story: The Coven

This is my new short story, its a sequel to ‘legend of the waste-land witches’ because every story deserves a proper happy ending, I hope you like it….

The Coven

Four cloaked women stand together, chanting in a tongue of ancient words, each a hand on an old black book, a book older than time and written in blood

the book comes alive with a life of its own, flicking to a page of destined desire, the women now look at each other, a look of knowing as they read

A person dead, beyond the grave, can be brought back, breathe life again, a body of sacrifice, an object of obsession, the vessel in which their soul will rest in

Crystal jumped from sleep, returning from a dark nightmare, ‘just a dream’ she thought, she was still shaken from her ordeal in october, once again alone, having lost the people she had come to know and love, at the hands of the evil witch mary

Crystal lying awake, an as she often did now, remembered back to that morning after

She had awoken to find herself back in bill and marys house, back in jakes room, with no memory of how she had gotten there

‘Rest in peace, jake.. bill’ she had thought sadly, with jakes final word still echoing from somewhere beyond live

Crystal suddenly a whisper from a familiar voice ‘jake’ asked crystal alarmed ‘jake, is that you’

Suddenly the windows of the small room had burst open, an a swirling wind engulfed everything, crystal could have sworn she saw jakes reflection in the dresser mirror, but only a glimpse Crystal, you’re still in danger ‘jake’ shouted crystal over the hauling wind, jakes voice repeated the warning, only now in softer echoes, then only silence, ‘jake’ crystal had shouted again ‘jake please don’t leave me’ but again only silence

A few weeks had passed slowly since then, full of nightmares and day dreams of jake

Crystal had stayed on in the village, in that house, she’d been welcomed by the village people, they, along with crystal had buried bill, as for jake, his body had disappeared without a trace, and his grave lay empty

everyone in jagged peak had come to know what really happened that night on halloween, but it was a silent truth never spoken

Crystal often wondered why she hadn’t left, but inside she already knew, it was because of jake, him appearing to her again left so many questions, yet given her some hope of seeing him again, although since that morning, she never had

That evening, being all alone in that house, surrounded by jakes memory, crystal decided to go for a walk, even though she knew it would be dark soon, ‘pull yourself together, there’s nothing to be afraid of’ she thought, taking a deep breath she left the house, after a while she found herself outside the grave yard, just like before, something seemed to draw her in, hopeful it was jake, she entered

Reaching his grave, which lay empty, she suddenly felt like she was being watched, a feeling of darkness suddenly swept over her and she turned to leave

Turning to leave, she was met by a cloaked figure, that night in october suddenly came rushing back as everything that had happened flashed before her, before she could fully regain her senses and react, the cloaked figure had lifted a nearby shovel and struck crystal on the head, knocking her out cold

Crystal later awoke ‘what.. What happened’ she thought, she felt suddenly disorientated, everything around her seemed to be spinning, gaining a little focus, crystal now realised where she was, she’d been taken to the forest, turning her head she now saw jakes lifeless body next to hers, both were tied town to some kind of stone tables

Regaining her senses, an trying to figure out what was happening, crystal began to look around her, a little off in the distance were four cloaked women standing chanting over a fire, each a hand on an old black book, the book seemed to have a life of its own as it hovered above the flames, ‘witches’ thought crystal,’just like in my dreams’ her heart sank as everything she’d tried to put behind her, was happening all over again

‘What do you want with us’ shouted crystal, she got no reply, ‘what do you want with us’ she shouted again, this time the women stopped and came closer, one of the witches now stepped forward, ‘someone’s finally awake I see’, ‘who are you, what do you want with us’ crystal shouted back, ‘well, since you’re going to die anyway, I guess you at least deserve to know why’

Crystal gasped ‘what.. no’ she said struggling with her ropes, a second witch now began to speak, ‘we are marys coven’ crystal now shocked and almost speechless interrupted ‘mary’ she now felt sick, feeling the colour drain from her ‘mary promised us eternal life, but you and jake took that from us, and for that you will pay’

‘I still don’t understand’ said crystal, hoping to further stall their plans and buy time to somehow escape, the witch continued ‘you see, a witch is born of spirit, a part of nature, so we never truly die, our essence remains after death, we become part of where we call our power from

‘Marys essence is now bound with jakes, bound by the spell to be eternal, that eternal essence can be called back’ just then, it was like a light went off inside crystals head, ‘so that means jake will live again’ the witch grinned, ‘for a while at least’ all four witches now seemed to laugh with each other

The third witch now spoke ‘jake needs to be sacrificed again, to separate his essence from marys, as you know, self sacrifice is the most powerful form of magic, we’ll draw on that power, only this time it won’t be to save you crystal’

‘Then why do you need me’ crystal asked, all four witches now locked eyes on crystal, ‘you.. We don’t need you, but your body, you should be proud crystal, you’ll be the vessel for the most powerful witch the world has ever known, mary will be reborn, in you’

The fourth witch, who had been silent up until now finally spoke ‘enough of this, its time’ the other three women then bowed their heads, and all four returned to the book

Crystal with a moment alone, now realised that her right wrist which was tied down, was slightly looser than the left, she then began struggling against the rope in hopes of it loosening enough for her to break free, though the more she struggled, the more the rope cut into her skin, with each pull and struggle it become more painful, but she knew it was her only hope of escape

The four witches now returned, but none seemed to notice crystals now bleeding wrist, ‘its time’ spoke the fourth witch, all four women now held hands and started chanting in an ancient language, each witch started reciting the chant faster and faster

A sudden gasp for air broke the witches chant, as crystal turned to look at jake, the once lifeless body began to regain life ‘jake’ asked crystal, jake now turned to look at crystal, but he wasn’t as pleased to see her

‘Crystal’ jake seemed to ask, slightly dazed but now realising the situation they were in ‘I warned you, why didn’t you leave’ jake looked at crystal, now a loving look, but also a look of someone powerless to help, ‘I couldn’t leave jake, I couldn’t leave… I couldn’t leave you, because…’ crystal slowly began to cry

The fourth witch again stepped forward ‘touching’ she said sarcastically, without saying another word she moved to jakes side, removed a dagger from her cloak an drove it into him ‘no’ screamed crystal, as all she could do was watch on as jake passed out

‘Enjoy your last moments together’ with no remorse the witch returned to her fellow witches, who all began to chant again

‘Jake I’m sorry’ a tearful crystal watched on as jakes blood now turned to light, rising up above him, and becoming a blinding orb ‘mary’ said one of the witches ‘continue the spell’ said another

With the blinding light, crystal knew this was the perfect time to make her escape, struggling with her ropes, and clinching her teeth through the pain, her hand finally became free, she undid her left hand and jumped of the stone table, beyond the light all she could see was the light of the fire, now running past the four women a plan came to mind

‘You can’t outrun the spell crystal’ she heard one of the women say ‘yeah’ replied crystal ‘and without this you’ll never hurt anyone again’

‘She’s got the book’ said one of the women, ‘a mortal has no power over the book’ said another, with that crystal grabbed the book with both hands, and threw it into the flames, suddenly the orb of light above jake exploded, knocking all the women to the ground

‘No’ all the women seemed to cry out at once, ‘how did she…’ one of the women cried out, ‘impossible’ screamed another, as the book began to burn, being tied to the book by blood, the four women emulated its fate and burst into flames ‘tell mary I said hi’ said crystal as the four women slowly turned to ash an blew away in the wind

Crystal realising it was over ran to jake, ‘jake’ she asked hope filled, noticing no sign of any wound, jake groaned with a reply ‘you did it crystal’, hugging jake, crystal both laughed and cried with joy ‘jake, you’re alive.. But how’ she said ‘magic’ he replied, they both laughed

‘How did you know burning the book would stop them’ jake asked ‘I didn’t’ she laughed again

Crystal untied jake, and they both started walked off together, when crystal stopped ‘what is it’ jake asked ‘before, when you asked why I didn’t leave, it was because of you, an i should have just told you in that moment, I.. I love you, jake’ crystal was slightly embarrassed then, ‘good, because I love you too’ he replied

The two then walked off arm in arm and toward their future together


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