Home Truths

As I sit here writing this, I’m waiting for my younger brother, who is currently somewhere in town drunk, to land to our house at any moment, and to be honest, I can’t deal with this constant family drama anymore

My mum and step dad were here also, knowing this, yet have decided to go out, locking up the house and basically telling me if he comes I don’t need to go to the door, and he won’t get in, its ok for them to leave, an leave me to deal with it, to sit here an pretend no one is home

Its nothing I’m not used too, them going out an leaving me home alone, with my illness and fears keeping me trapped inside like I’m in prison

I’m guessing he had a fall out with his girlfriend, and him getting drunk and coming over here is the result, we never see him anymore unless he needs something, yet tells my mum on the phone that he misses her all the time, we feel used

My older brother gave my mum a mouthful when she visited my aunts house earlier, mainly because they don’t want my younger brother coming and annoying them, my mum was seen to be encouraging the situation by telling him to come in the first place, but as a mum, perhaps that’s what she felt she had to do

My older brother has always had a temper, he takes it out on the ones he’s meant to love, but after thirty years of getting his own way, and being spoiled his whole life, what do you expect, you end up with an ungrateful monster

My younger brother did live with my aunt before he met this new girlfriend, and my mum hasn’t seen him in a while, that’s why she went to my aunts in the first place, thinking he was there, but he’s off with a man who’s well known for taking drugs, he always ends up at his house when he comes here, people who love to drink usually do prefer company

An that’s who will likely drive him to our door in the early hours of the morning, waking us up again

Drama follows this family everywhere, in the past two weeks alone, my aunt had to be taken into hospital to have a lump on her inner leg removed, it will take some time to properly heal

My younger brother is under investigation by the police, as a group of people got petrol at a station, never paid an drove away, later one of them told the police the car was sold to my brother, which it wasn’t, I assume the police thought my brother was a passenger, he wasn’t even there, but the cameras will verify that, and show it all to be lies

My older brothers girlfriend was taken to the hospital a few days ago with pains in her chest, at first they suspected a clot, but after tests, found nothing, lucky yes, but on the other end of a phone getting troubling updates all the while is horrible in itself

My mum recently got a letter, stating that she had committed fraud, my mum receives an out of work payment (after she had a breakdown an left her job) she went for an eye test, specsavers made an error in requesting a refund payment via the government, an now my mums being blamed, but she did nothing wrong, an all will be fine, once the investigation is done

She did however get some good news, she’s been awarded disability living allowance, after being turned down, she fought it all the way and won, after the case was reviewed by a tribunal of doctors and lawyers who went through a life times worth of her medical records, I’m proud of her for being brave, an not just giving up when she was so afraid of trying

On ending this, what would a post be, without at least a little about myself, I’ve been feeling unwell, pains in my lungs, chest pain, pains in my heart and abdomen etc I’m going for a check up on friday and I hope all will be ok, its scary, it didn’t help that I found yet another lump in my neck, so you can’t blame me for being a little paranoid, it has been playing on my mind, I hope all is ok

But christmas is coming up, I love christmas, I always have, though having everyone I’ve written about in this post, all together in the same house, there’s bound to be some fireworks at some stage

Also i got some good news, my claim money will be ready for me to lift hopefully by the end of this week, finally its all over, an I can move forward now, using this money which came from something horrible, to hopefully better my life in the future


By the end of this post, my brother had come, twice! That man I mentioned brought hime down, the first time he left ok, I heard him saying no ones home, the second time, he started banging on the front door, shouting my name, throwing stones at my window, an trying the back door, maybe he saw my bedroom light before I could switch it off in time, I just ignored him, an he left again