End Of Another Chapter

I just want to start this post by saying I finally got my hospital appointment for my brain scan, its the 7th of august, an I’m hoping it will be the end to this horrible chapter in my life, or at least one step closer

Everyone keeps saying I’ll be fine, I’ll be ok, I know they are trying to be supportive, but then that’s what you expect people to tell you, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, once I have it out of the way, an I get the results back, hopefully all clear, I’m not holding back anymore, it won’t be easy, but I’m determined to have an live the life I want to, I’m done being afraid of life, afraid to live

Today’s my mums 50th birthday, an in about an hour we are all meeting up to go for a nice meal, I’m looking forward to it

Both my brothers are currently in a pub as we speak, any excuse right! I’m hoping they don’t turn up drunk and embarrass us, you know they’ll be drinking through the dinner, so who knows what could happen, it can go either way at this point

My older brother got drunk a few days ago, he an a friend went out looking for a boy he’s fallen out with, they went to a boys house where he’s always known to be, I heard they kicked the door in, an stole some stuff from the house, the boy not there at the time, later found out an then phoned making threats

The silly thing is, is that these boys they have fallen out with, have this weird mind set of not telling the police or ‘touting’ as they call it, I’m guessing that’s why the police haven’t come looking for my brother yet, which is lucky as he’s on probation

Yesterday, my younger brother, who now lives with his girlfriend out of town, got drunk an stole his girlfriends post office card, cleared out the account an used the money for drink an gambling, she threw him out, so for now he’s living with my aunt an older brother again, not a good idea to have them together, any excuse to drink an they will, then they become bad influences on each other in their drunken stupidity an get into trouble

The police are currently looking to talk to my younger brother for breaking off someones wing mirror, though it wasn’t him but a friend that did it, I don’t know where my brother falls regarding the not telling the police on someone thing, but if the friend was in any way a real friend, he’d own up to it, I don’t know what will come out of all that

I just want the night to go well for my mum, she deserves it


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