Like A Scene From A Bad Movie

This post is like a scene from a bad movie, but unfortunately its all too real….

Friday night, coming back from a run out of town, we had to meet my aunt on the way to our house as she had no cigarettes left or something, when we met her, she told us on the way to meet us, she had just walked past the boy that my brothers have fallen out with, an that he’d pretended to yawn, turning his back to her so she wouldn’t know it was him, but of course she did

Wondering what he was doing hanging around so close to her house, and being with a another boy who had recently phoned making threats, she wanted our mum to come back with her in case something happened to her house, so we all went, we couldn’t see anyone, or anything, just a strange smell of petrol

Yesterday mum an I went to visit my aunt, she was out the back when I went looking for her, I immediately saw glass all over the back garden, an asked her what happened, that was the first time she had noticed it to, again we could smell petrol, lifting the glass that’s where the smell was coming from, there was also rolled up bits of paper also smelling of petrol, we realised it had been used as a petrol bomb, unrolling the paper, it was a letter, which just happened to have the name an address of the boy my brothers have fallen out with on it, an who was standing not far from the house

Mum was convinced that is was done to send a message, but I thought there’s no way he could be that clever, that we’d see the glass an unravel the paper to see it was his letter, an incriminate himself, either he’s really silly, or he tried to light the paper an it went out, my brother has too big dogs in the back garden, so I don’t think he would have risked climbing in to retrieve the evidence

The police said that there wasn’t enough evidence, that they’d ask the boy had he done it, he’d say no of course, an that would be the end of it, that we knew it was him, they knew it was him, but how can you prove it, I thought it was evidence enough

My aunt an brother, who you know live together are moving away from there, but as I’ve said many times, what good would it really do, no matter where they go, trouble will follow them, but then I guess anywhere is better than there

Tonight as its my younger brothers birthday, my brothers were drinking, not a shock there, mum my step-dad an I were out for a while, when our aunt showed up saying some man my brothers know had walked by their house, probably drunk himself, and called them names, my brothers went out to comfort him, and some kind of fight started with punches being thrown, the man left an came back with a crossbow, my older brother drunk an acting brave said for the man to go ahead an shot him, he did fire it, but the arrow just fell on the ground, whether it was real to begin with, I don’t know

I don’t know the full story, but the man left again, came back, this time he smashed the front door window with a hockey stick, it must have resulted in another fight, because my older brother ended up stabbing him in the hand with a pair of scissors, my aunt pleaded with the man to leave, an just let it go, which he did, my aunt got a call saying the police had arrived, so my mum went back with my aunt, my step dad an I came on home

The man has since messaged my aunt on facebook, saying sorry for what he did, but that my brothers pushed him too far, an that he’d pay for the window, but then changed his mind, saying they are moving anyway, an that he probably did them a favour, meaning they’d probably be offered a new place quicker now

My mum can’t deal with this constant stress that they are putting on her all the time, she just wants a quiet life, but in this family there’s no such thing!


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