From Bad To Worse

After the craziness of last night, you’d think things would have calmed down, but no, my brothers kept on drinking

Sometimes my younger brother has a habit of disappearing for a while, turns out that sometimes he goes to our uncles house an stays there for a while, my uncle runs his own small window cleaning business with help from his oldest daughter, so he wasn’t there at the time

My uncles wife has never really liked us, my brother said that she called us dirt, an that its no wonder my brothers don’t get to see their children, among other things, but that’s really all I was told, I’m sure being drunk my brother had started twisting, and had provoked that reaction

My brother then had come back an told my older brother what she had said, so then they both went back to my uncles together, they exchanged words, name calling etc, her middle daughter had come out an got involved too (she also had her sick mother and youngest daughter in the house) my uncles wife ended up calling the police, because my older brother exposed himself to her, I don’t blame her to be honest, luckily the younger daughter was out of the way, I don’t know if she will press charges

My uncle and his older daughter came to our house today to talk things over, and although my brother was in the wrong, an my mum would agree, she would also take his side, as my uncle would always take the side of his wife, my uncle phoned his wife so she an my mum could talk, but she had an attitude, so it was a short call

Everyone knows what my uncles wife is really like, she likes to think she’s better than other people, she’s a bit of a snob, she rules their house, and although they wouldn’t admit it, they are afraid of her, when she fought with her own daughter an thrown her out, she lived with my aunt for a couple of months before her mum took her back in, but in that time, her daughter told us what she’s really like

An although they’re not as bad these days, her own daughters were out drinking all the time, taking drugs an getting into fights, so who is she to be calling anyone dirt

I mentioned in my last post, that last night a fight broke out between my brothers and a neighbour, the neighbour had then smashed my aunts front door window, anyway today as revenge, my younger brother went to the neighbours house, and smashed some of his windows, the man would be silly not to know who’s done it, so that’s yet another thing looming over our family

A small crowd had gathered around my aunts last night amongst the fight, and neighbours were watching from their windows, I’m guessing word has spread an by today everyone will be talking about it, so our family name might as well be dirt as we are all tarred with the same brush, I have to admit, social phobia aside, I am sometimes afraid to walk alone in town, in case something happens to me as a result of what my brothers have done, you never know

On a lighter note, over the last couple of days, I’ve actually been feeling better, it feels so good to feel like myself again, with everything that was happening with me, I was beginning to lose myself an was in a very bad place, even if this is only temporary I’m glad to have the break from it, I hope it lasts though


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