Cat-fished The Rant!

So as the title says, this is a rant, so I’ll understand if you have better things to do than read this, its more for me than you, but…

There was this little black kitten in our estate, an it was crying for days, sometimes it would try an follow us home on the way back from town

Every time we got further away from it, it would cry louder, I’m an animal lover an always have been, so the cries pulled at my heart, I knew it was homeless because it was so thin

I could hear it crying all night from my room, an I slowly felt more an more guilty, thinking what can I do, we have a dog that lives in the house, an I already have a cat, who also lives inside, so I knew we couldn’t take it in, if you leave the kitten at all, it cries, an I mean cries, louder than any baby you’ve ever heard, us having the dog, an my cat, who are kept separate anyway, an my mum an step dad not too keen on the idea etc I thought about all that

When I was younger, and was living with a foster parent, cats would somehow always come into the back garden, I don’t know if people owned them or not, but I’d pet them forever, an then they’d never leave, the foster mum still fed them everyday though, even though they weren’t our pets, they all lived in a dog house that the dog never used, I was like some kind of, albeit innocently speaking cat burglar, literally

Anyway of topic, so I planned to take the kitten to the vet, because they wouldn’t turn away a helpless little kitten

I’d already asked this girl who lives near me for help, as she had re-homed a stray dog before, but she said her life was too crazy for a kitten right now, even though I wasn’t asking her to keep it, but anyway…

The night before I was gonna go to the vets, I got speaking to a woman we have kind of known for a long time, I had a run in with her years ago, when she owned a charity shop, long story short, I bought a dvd player, an was told by her son that if it didn’t work, I could bring it back an get a refund, when I did I was refused an had to settle for a credit note

But in the meantime she said her son had already phoned her, an explained about the whole giving me a refund, ok I’m sure he did, then before we could use the credit note, which by then I had given to my aunt, she barred us all from the store, for nothing, she’s a con artist, an I know she was robbing the place blind, no wonder she went out of business

Funny how she always seemed to have a bag full of two pound coins when she went to the casino, and after the shop closed down, she didn’t, she’s a thief, but we are civil anyway, an it was about the kitten, not me

She said her daughter lives on a farm, so if I brought the kitten to her, it would have a home, I thought great

The next evening, I got the kitten, it was crying in the doorway of a neighbours house, wouldn’t have killed someone to give it something, if I could hear it, they all could

I fed it an then took the kitten in a taxi to the womans house, she wasn’t there, but her son was an, let’s just say he was an ignorant.. So an so, avoiding certain words, of course he didn’t want to take it, until I got him to get his mum on the phone, I handed over the cat, an I felt good

About two days later, I see the woman again, an I ask how’s the kitten, turns out the son left a window open an it got out, so I think hmmm its winter an your son left a window open, ok, he smokes so I guess that could be true

She says someone she knows saw the cat hanging around the leisure centre which is only around the corner from her house, an that she’d go look for it the next day

I see her again, these run ins are at a small casino in town, where she is most days, my town has nothing, literally, so when I’m bored I do go in for a gamble, its a bad habit an I’ll deal with that at some point

So I ask her did she look for the kitten, she went silent, probably thinking up a lie, an she finally says to be honest I didn’t, not before saying the cat probably had aids, an that’s why its so thin… Really, I thought there’s more chance of you having aids than the kitten, but anyway, I leave it at that

I see too much of this woman, but I see her again, by this time she’s already spoken to my mum in passing, an told her that the cats owner turned up at her house asking about the cat, that it was a little old lady that lives down near us

So ok, first, that’s a lie, but let’s just say its true for arguments sake, I saw the cat everyday for about a week, and heard it crying, the cat was thin, you could see its bones, so was obviously outside for at least a week if not more, the old lady somehow didn’t find it in that time, even though I told you I saw it everyday, I took the kitten in the evening, dark, in a taxi, a mile into town, straight to her house, an some how the lady knew exactly where to go? Are you kidding me

I was angry when I saw her again, but just said, funny how the woman knew exactly where to go, she only replied by saying, I was wondering that myself

But as I said, she’s a liar an a con artist, about two years ago she suddenly became a psychic, so she cons people for a living, she’s not so psychic when she’s losing money in a casino

The truth probably is, either they didn’t want it an just let it loose, or it did get out an they just gave up an couldn’t be bothered, the crying probably annoyed them, cause it couldn’t be left alone, but I’m left feeling guilty, I should have brought it to the vets like I planned

But she had said the vets would probably have put it down, an when she mentioned her daughters farm, you know… but I know the vets would have given it to a shelter, a cute little black kitten that was very affectionate would have been re-homed in no time

Maybe I should have tried to find its owner before re-homing it, if it had one, but from what I’ve told you, it probably didn’t, and re-homing it was better than it starving out in the cold and dyeing, where it was last seen, a lot of older people live, I hope some kind older lady took it in, that’s what I hope

They do say no good deed goes unpunished, an in this case its true


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