Running From The Shadows

Lately my head is all over the place, one day I’ll be fine, I’ll feel happy, then the next I’m tired an depressed, or a mixture of both

Things around me don’t feel real sometimes, like being awake in a dream, like living in denial of something an then being snapped out of it, or being high on a drug an then crashing, I’m not on any by the way, I haven’t touched drugs in nearly two years, an haven’t been drunk since september last year, an we all know what happened that night

I feel like i’m constantly stuck in a transitional stage between one place an another, wanting one thing but at the same time not, like a tug of war in my mind

I feel sad a lot, I can’t control it, I try to force it away, but I can’t, an I think way too deep thoughts sometimes, I’m not smart, but I have my moments, I just wish I wasn’t so switched on all the time, I can’t turn my brain off, its always ticking, I just don’t want to be so self aware, if that makes sense?

It sounds silly, but I’d love to be in a sort of coma for a few weeks. Or to have some sort of amnesia, just for a while, there’s no getting away from myself

I have been doing better lately though, I’ve lost two stone, I feel more confident, I’m more out going, I make an effort with people I don’t know so well, I don’t want to be seen as socially awkward anymore, I’m tired of hiding in the shadows, where people don’t know I exist

We are also moving house, I don’t know when, but hopefully soon, I think that will help, a clean slate in a way, I’m still not quite ready to go it alone just yet, I so wish I was, but I’ll get there

Family struggles haven’t gotten any easier, which make it hard for peace of mind sometimes, an only add to my anxiety an depression

My younger brother got out of prison again on bail, but got arrested the next day again, he got drunk an got into a fight with someone at the b&b where he was bailed to, he hit another woman an threw a man out of his wheel chair, yes its crazy, so he was arrested as I said

While that was going on, my older brother had heard what was happening, he had been drinking to, an suddenly he was determined to be arrested also, he recently broke up with his girlfriend, an has been back in touch with his ex, who as you know I remained friends with, so I don’t know what will happen with that, she’s currently in rehab, she’s allowed out everyday an we are going to go visit her on wednesday

Anyway, my older brother phoned the police on himself, saying if they didn’t arrest him, he would hurt our aunt, which was really an empty threat, but still, they were so worried about him they phoned an ambulance an were going to send him to hospital an hold him to be evaluated, but things resolved themselves an he was allowed to stay at home

Mean while my mum told me she’s very stressed an depressed, I can’t blame her to be honest, who wouldn’t be, she said that she’s having bad thoughts about hurting herself, an she’s also formed a type of belimia, binge eating an then making herself throw up, she went to the doctor an they made her see the crisis response team, she’s feeling better now, but its a lot for me to process all in one week

Last night, my younger brother came to our house at 6am, banging on the door an looking to get in, I haven’t slept since then, when he came to my room, I kinda lost it an let him have it, he left me alone, but I could hear him downstairs telling mum what he’d do to me ‘bury me’ etc

As if mum needed any extra stress, but I went downstairs an things were ok, I know he wouldn’t really hurt me, but the threats are hurtful enough

He’s also broke up with his girlfriend, she went out one night while he was in prison for those few days, an he got jealous, she’s put up with so much an he can’t handle her going out one night, I think they had a fight over the phone, an she did use her going out that night as a way to hurt him

She keeps taking him back though, he’s about to get an offer for his claim, mum an I are going to the court with him on thursday, yeah they have a child together, but I can’t help feel that’s why she keeps forgiving him, I don’t want to say that, but its how I feel

Also as you know my cousin has a case against my younger brother, my mum an my aunt, in her pursuit of a claim, I explained all this in another post, the court was put back, where I’m being called as a witness, which adds more stress, I just want it all to be over, we don’t even have a date set yet

So I guess you can see why I feel out of sorts lately, its my crazy life, I just want to run away sometimes, leave everything behind me an never look back


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