The Vampire diaries: Finale

This is a different kind of post, an has nothing to do with my actual blog, its just for fun

The vampire diaries is the only show that ive never missed an episode of, usually i record shows or catch up online at some point, i try to take the show as i find it an try not to think too deeply about it, as after all its just a show, but im a fan so why not, why cant i have my fan moment, pretending its real an talking about it like it actually happened πŸ˜„

as much as i loved the show, the finale left me with so many questions, which if i get any of the following wrong, or you have your own opinion or disagree, feel free to comment and/or correct me, an please just take this with a pinch of salt, its not meant to be serious

Ok so, lets start with katherine, who by the way was my favourite character, along with bonnie 😍 

I have to admit, i was dissappointed… She became the queen of hell, or cades world at least, like cade she got others to do her dirty work, vicki etc but unlike cade she didnt have any special abilities, she came back powerless, even though she was a traveller, so there wasnt that same level of fear about her, she was not ‘katherine’ anymore, they killed her so many times in the finale, it became funny

There was no fight, she became the easiest to kill baddie in the whole show, it took one episode when usually it takes a whole season, an i know nina didnt really have the time, im glad she returned for the finale, but katherine deserved so much better than what she got given as a character

I would have loved to see her finally find peace with nadia an her family, who as you know were all murdered

even though nina plays both elena/katherine, i always thought of them as seperate people, but in the finale, i found that hard to do, i think it was the wig, an also ninas face has changed since she last was on the show, or maybe it was all the wig, as at the end, with her natural, now short hair, she looked more like the elena/nina we know

while she was pretending to be elena, they killed her, an in the mean time she had time to change an curl her hair… Also while as elena, she wore elenas dress, an she dressed the real elena in her clothes, that was thoughtful, i get modesty etc but i found that strange, its katherine afterall… Is there a wardrobe in hell?

Anyway, stefan decides to die with katherine, he stabs her while holding her as they are engulfed in flames, we see damon on the ground as the flames pass by, controlled by bonnie, so why couldnt stefan have stabbed katherine an then just thrown her into the passing flames, she wasnt putting up much of a fight, maybe to ensure she stayed there

Stefan gives damon the cure, im guessing he thinks as hes about to die, its either to stop damon from stopping him, or the fact that with stefan dead the cure would be gone, but this is before bonnie wakes up elena, so as far as he knows damon will age as time passes by, elena would wake up an damon would have either died or be ancient, the sleeping curse stops elena from ageing right?? Or wrong??

Also, when katherine had the cure, silas needed all her blood, but now it only takes a syringe full.. How does a syringe magically take the cure from the blood stream

Bonnie pushes back hellfire, with the help of her ancestors, she then says ‘i did it.. She should have said ‘we did it’ 

Bonnie decides to live her life an travel, even though everyone she knows is in mystic falls, kinda lonely right? Plus your best friend has just awoken from a sort of coma after four odd years an you decide now is the time, but then the show did skip forward to where elena had been through med school, soooo… maybe they did have time together before she left?

Also, it looked like enzo had moved on, bonnie could feel him, but didnt see him, what happened to her world that she created? An will she save herself for enzo, stay single for the rest of her life?? I have to say, bonnie was the best part of the finale for me

At the end, when everyone had died, they are reunited with their loved ones, elena gets to be young an beautiful an jenna/her parents look the same.. I get the whole cameo thing, but it was just a huh moment for me

Caroline stayed a vampire, maybe to help her move on to a role on the originals?? But as time passes her daughters an friends etc will age an she’ll live on, its kinda sad.. How an when will she see stefan again

Lastly, stefan is dead, bonnie is away an elena an damon are human… They say they grew old, but years of evil being drawn to mystic falls an we are meant to believe nothing else happened for the rest of their lives, an that not one vampire came looking to take the cure from damon, did elena an damon have any children?

An where did everyone go after they died, heaven i guess, but what about the evil ones? Actual hell… I bet katherine is cosying up to the real devil as we speak πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹ katherine, the spinoff that should but will never happen

If i was a writer on the show i would have made it that bonnie used her powers to blend her world with the real one, allowing characters to stay, an live out the rest of their lives together, show them old an happy, still best friends, still all together

anyway, i loved the show, an the finale did give me just enough… Gotta take it for what it is, an not for what could or should have happened, its up to you/us to make up your own ending i guess


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