I Don’t Want To Be Me

I’m not myself, an this post probably won’t make sense but I need to clear my mind a little

I feel like I’m going crazy, like my mind has a million thoughts an voices, an they are so loud sometimes, I try to ignore it, but its like being followed by someone shouting at you an you can’t get away from them

I see people walk by me all the time, lost in their own lives, I sit there an I feel so invisible, I watched a movie last night an a line from it was, the worst thing you can do when you lock someone in a room, is press their face against the window, an you know its true, I’ve been a prisoner of my own making for so long, like I’ve been asleep for years

But now I’m waking up an I see so much, I see everything, I even see things before they happen, I’m not saying visions or anything, I just see things, like intuition, my mind is always so switched on an I can’t turn it off

Other peoples happiness is starting to make me angry, an I’m not a resentful person, I just want to scream sometimes because I feel so angry inside, like I could explode, but I hold it in

I feel like I’ve lived the same day a million times, an like I’ve had the same conversations the same, I can’t take it, I can’t be around it anymore, its like living in a bad movie

I see myself through someone else’s eyes sometimes, like its not me, I become confused walking the same path I’ve walked hundreds of times, but its like I’m lost, or there for the first time

Some days I wake up, an my emotions an views have completely changed, my whole being as a person, its like every night I go to bed that me dies, an a new person wakes up everyday

I don’t wanna see it anymore, I’m not suicidal, so don’t worry about me, but I don’t want to be part of this world anymore, I just don’t, but what can I do, I don’t want to die, an I don’t want to live, I just don’t want to be me

I don’t wanna be so, awkward, an backward, I wanna be happy when I can’t, its like mental illness controls your mind with a sort of pride, an it won’t let you be who you want to be..

I can hug strangers, but I can’t hug my family, I can’t say I love you, even if I do, I’m not even sure I feel love, I don’t want to be so guarded, so cold toward others, I feel broken because I’m not normal, its my normal, but I’m not normal,

They recently increased my duloxetine back to 6omg, which I’m used to, I asked them to, apart from that I’m only on mirtazapine 15mg, they aren’t meant to go together but I need something to help me sleep, they won’t give me sleeping tablets

Yet they tell me tablets won’t help me, but they’ll give me them anyway because it makes me feel better having them than not, that’s really irresponsible, an kinda f**ked up if you ask me, especially as my doctor just gave me a speech about serotonin syndrome

Its like putting a rat in a maze, me being the rat

They don’t get it, they’re paid to get it, but they don’t, you’re just another 15 minute meal ticket, 15 minutes an another couple of hundred to pay off a student loan or a mortgage, an don’t forget it, you can’t trust these people, they don’t care about you, when they go home at night, do they think about you, no, they leave you in the office, buried in paper work, you’re a name on a piece of paper or a prescription

You’re pouring your heart out, an they’re probably wondering what’s for lunch later

Sometimes it feels like you’ve fallen a hell of a long way down, you keep climbing, trying to reach the top again, when you realize someones been standing on your fingers the whole time

The only person you can really depend on is yourself, sometimes, an even then that’s not the best option when you’re ill

You can always tell by looking into someones eyes, if you see genuine kindness looking back, if they listen an don’t check the time, if they don’t interrupt, if they don’t beat down your feelings with their logical babble, then you may just be in the right place

An tomorrow, I’ll probably not feel this way at all, but that’s the ups an downs of mental illness, you just don’t know


Running From The Shadows

Lately my head is all over the place, one day I’ll be fine, I’ll feel happy, then the next I’m tired an depressed, or a mixture of both

Things around me don’t feel real sometimes, like being awake in a dream, like living in denial of something an then being snapped out of it, or being high on a drug an then crashing, I’m not on any by the way, I haven’t touched drugs in nearly two years, an haven’t been drunk since september last year, an we all know what happened that night

I feel like i’m constantly stuck in a transitional stage between one place an another, wanting one thing but at the same time not, like a tug of war in my mind

I feel sad a lot, I can’t control it, I try to force it away, but I can’t, an I think way too deep thoughts sometimes, I’m not smart, but I have my moments, I just wish I wasn’t so switched on all the time, I can’t turn my brain off, its always ticking, I just don’t want to be so self aware, if that makes sense?

It sounds silly, but I’d love to be in a sort of coma for a few weeks. Or to have some sort of amnesia, just for a while, there’s no getting away from myself

I have been doing better lately though, I’ve lost two stone, I feel more confident, I’m more out going, I make an effort with people I don’t know so well, I don’t want to be seen as socially awkward anymore, I’m tired of hiding in the shadows, where people don’t know I exist

We are also moving house, I don’t know when, but hopefully soon, I think that will help, a clean slate in a way, I’m still not quite ready to go it alone just yet, I so wish I was, but I’ll get there

Family struggles haven’t gotten any easier, which make it hard for peace of mind sometimes, an only add to my anxiety an depression

My younger brother got out of prison again on bail, but got arrested the next day again, he got drunk an got into a fight with someone at the b&b where he was bailed to, he hit another woman an threw a man out of his wheel chair, yes its crazy, so he was arrested as I said

While that was going on, my older brother had heard what was happening, he had been drinking to, an suddenly he was determined to be arrested also, he recently broke up with his girlfriend, an has been back in touch with his ex, who as you know I remained friends with, so I don’t know what will happen with that, she’s currently in rehab, she’s allowed out everyday an we are going to go visit her on wednesday

Anyway, my older brother phoned the police on himself, saying if they didn’t arrest him, he would hurt our aunt, which was really an empty threat, but still, they were so worried about him they phoned an ambulance an were going to send him to hospital an hold him to be evaluated, but things resolved themselves an he was allowed to stay at home

Mean while my mum told me she’s very stressed an depressed, I can’t blame her to be honest, who wouldn’t be, she said that she’s having bad thoughts about hurting herself, an she’s also formed a type of belimia, binge eating an then making herself throw up, she went to the doctor an they made her see the crisis response team, she’s feeling better now, but its a lot for me to process all in one week

Last night, my younger brother came to our house at 6am, banging on the door an looking to get in, I haven’t slept since then, when he came to my room, I kinda lost it an let him have it, he left me alone, but I could hear him downstairs telling mum what he’d do to me ‘bury me’ etc

As if mum needed any extra stress, but I went downstairs an things were ok, I know he wouldn’t really hurt me, but the threats are hurtful enough

He’s also broke up with his girlfriend, she went out one night while he was in prison for those few days, an he got jealous, she’s put up with so much an he can’t handle her going out one night, I think they had a fight over the phone, an she did use her going out that night as a way to hurt him

She keeps taking him back though, he’s about to get an offer for his claim, mum an I are going to the court with him on thursday, yeah they have a child together, but I can’t help feel that’s why she keeps forgiving him, I don’t want to say that, but its how I feel

Also as you know my cousin has a case against my younger brother, my mum an my aunt, in her pursuit of a claim, I explained all this in another post, the court was put back, where I’m being called as a witness, which adds more stress, I just want it all to be over, we don’t even have a date set yet

So I guess you can see why I feel out of sorts lately, its my crazy life, I just want to run away sometimes, leave everything behind me an never look back

They’re Pulling The Trigger

Today I had an appointment with the mental health team, I’ve missed so many appointments lately, because of my anxiety, I’m jumping out of my sleep gasping for air, I’m scared to go to sleep, an then I can’t sleep, an when I do I’m only sleeping for about 4-5 hours a night an so I’m always tired an have no energy

I didn’t even want to go today, but I forced myself to go, it was the psychiatrist today for once, and then the social worker I’d seem last time, I guess cause today was a review rather than a regular appointment

I told them how I was feeling, that my somatic disorder had gotten worse, that my mental illness was really affecting my physical health, I always feel sick, I’m always dizzy, an i can’t concentrate, I told them about my sleep pattern, that I’m comfort eating, that I get so angry all the time an find it hard controlling my emotions, that my emotions seem to take on a personality of their own, I told them about my intrusive thoughts, an that I feel trapped in my own head

I feel lost, empty and sometimes void, an that my anxiety is getting worse, to the point where, as I said above, its showing itself more in a physical way

They now are saying I have a mixed personality disorder, which means I have traits from several of the disorders, with depression an anxiety, which my doctor classes as secondary, an then of course my somatic disorder, social phobia an dissociative identity disorder, which I guess is part of the mixed personality disorder, along the lines of depersonalization

In the end I felt like I was wasting their time, the psychiatrist more or less said that the mental health team wasn’t really the best option for me, an neither is medication, but that it makes me feel better having it than not, yet my psychiatrist before him, told me I’d probably be on medication for the rest of my life

He suggested a group for people with personality disorders, mainly used for self harmers, I told them I can’t do group settings because of my social phobia, to which he said, you don’t really have to talk, like that’s somehow any better

I’ve been seeing the mental health team for sixteen years, if anything, sometimes I feel worse than I’ve ever felt, an feel less in control

What I’ve noticed over the years, an I’ve said it before, when I used to see the mental health team, I’d more or less say the same things as I do now, but I’d break down an cry a lot easier, I was more vulnerable back then, where as now I feel like crying but I can’t, I used to get so much help an a lot more attention paid to my mental illness then, why should tears be what it takes to be taken seriously

I’m going to see my doctor next week, because after today, I don’t know where to turn anymore, I’ve been left feeling confused, yes they did offer me the group therapy, but if they knew me at all they’d know how hard I find social settings, I have been trying graded exposure, but its more controlled an I guess I’m not on my own so its slightly easier

An would it be good for my own mental health to listen to others talk about how they self harm, as that’s mainly what the group focuses on? I don’t know, I will consider it, its that or nothing

I’ve never been a self harmer, I have cut myself in the past, but nothing serious, I’ve suffered with a form of body dismorphia for years, along with eating disorders, because I hated how I looked, being left with scars was not something I wanted

My opinion is, if you can be in an open group setting an talk openly about your problems, then you’re already half way to somewhere, I’m not in that place right now, maybe someday soon, but not now, if I’m honest I wouldn’t feel safe being around other people like myself, because I know the mind set, I live it

But these people, the mental health team and my doctor, are gonna push me over the edge, which is dramatic but, I’ve even had paranoid thoughts that they were all out to get me an were working together in deliberately not helping me in hopes that I might do them all a favour an just end it, like they were getting some kind of joy in seeing me suffer

I don’t think I have another mental health team appointment left in me, I can’t handle it anymore, I just can’t, its become like a trigger for me, after I leave I start getting impulsive thoughts, I’m emotional I’m angry, something else takes over for a short while where I don’t feel in control an its not healthy

The people who are meant to help me get better, are the people who are making me more ill

I’m just dealing with quite a bit, an lately I can’t deal with a lot, yesterday I had to give my witness statement for this court case my cousin is taking against my family, I explained this in a past post, an I’m dreading the thought of going to court, then I had a scan for a lump I found in my neck, but its not big enough for them to worry yet, both my esa and dla had both ran out at the same time, thankfully that’s been resolved an my medical evidence was enough that I didn’t have to attend a medical like last time

An we all know how that went down! Then all this today with the mental health team, I’m already dealing with enough nonsense in my own head as it is, there’s no room for anything else right now

Its all good news an things are slowly working themselves out, so I should be happy, but I never feel like I can enjoy anything anymore, I want to but its like something won’t let me, an then the stress and anxiety carry on afterwards, maybe that’s why, because I worry for so long before an I always expect the worst

I’m so uptight…

Caught In The Middle

There is a lot of tension in the air at the moment an everyone around me seems like they are on the verge of snapping at any moment

I’m finding it hard to live any kind of normal life at the moment, though my life has never been normal, there are periods where I feel ‘ok’

As you know my cousin has made false statements against members of my family, I talked about it in my last post, anyway.. now there will be a court case on the 20th of june, where I will be asked to be a witness, which isn’t helping my anxiety either

I can feel everyones stress, an its like a headache before a thunder storm

My step dad has been weird for some time, I think its cause he’s taken on extra work, which makes him more money but then my mum gambles it, his moods can be scary, because he won’t say anything, he goes silent, he’ll speed up the car, an he won’t break properly at speed bumps, all the while saying nothing or only giving mumbled responses, then he’ll slam the car doors

He started driving off one night in a mood an I only had one foot in the car, he later apologised saying he didn’t know, I think he finds it hard to say no to mum so his frustrations come out in the only way he knows to deal with it

My mum has been dealing with depression an anxiety for a few years now, this case against her is starting to take its toll an I can tell, I worry about her, all she does all day is clean, sleep, gamble an then binges on sweets an crisps before bed

My mum gambles everyday if she can, for a while I was giving her money, but at a point I had to start asking for it back, she owes me hundreds, but that doesn’t stop her from asking, I’ve told her countless times how it stresses me with people always asking me for money, but she still keeps asking, she promised to stop asking but hasn’t, when I say no, she promises to pay me out of her weekly money (whereas now I keep the rent I would pay her as a way to get it back) but then I feel bad because it puts more strain on my step dads money, the guilt sets in an I end up working some other way to get the money instead

For a while she would use my illness against me, if her money ran out quite quick, she knew I wouldn’t want to go home so soon after only getting to the casino, so she would say she was going to ring my step dad to take her home, resulting in either us both leaving as I didn’t like to be alone an walk home by myself, or that I would lend her money so she would stay with me

Now that doesn’t happen as I’ve gotten more control over my social phobia

I don’t even like the casino, but there’s not many places I can go where I feel comfortable, in the evenings our town has nothing, when my anxiety would play up, it was a distraction, when I went to the casino I didn’t feel ill, though I have had panic attacks there an have had to lock myself in the bathroom

I think my mum uses it for the same reasons, that an she’s stuck inside all day, but now its become an addiction

She says she’s crying a lot an she snaps a lot more than she used to, I think due to frustration an anger, she’s now made an emergency appointment to see her psychiatrist because she’s finding it hard to cope

My aunt, its hard to say, because she doesn’t have the capacity to really think that deep, you can’t hold a conversation with her, she’s only waiting to you finish so she can say what’s on her mind, I’ve tried to tell her things in the past, where she’s more interested in showing you a new duvet cover she bought, that’s just how she is, she is a kind person an would do anything for you though if she can

My older brother is living with his girlfriend out of town, an though he has cut down, he drinks, an she, the girlfriend is addicted to painkillers

As you know my younger brother is in prison, an then there’s me trapped in the middle, I’m not trying to make it all about me because we all have our problems in life

My brothers in prison, an my family are making him out the victim, but he did get drunk, attack our next door neighbour, an threatened my uncles family an punched my cousin on the chin, he was only out of prison one day an has a new baby at home, I feel for him, but he did this to himself

Sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating

The Other Side Of The Glass: Life Through My Window

So I haven’t posted in a while… To be honest I’ve gotten lazy, an a post can be done from bed, so what does that tell you!

I never know where to begin with these things, I usually ramble my way though an hope it turns out ok, so why change that now right

As I said above, I’ve gotten lazy, an with that comes being unhealthy, I’m smoking like a train, my diet is a disgrace, I’ve gained weight, my doctors advice, try an do some exercise over the summer, thanks for those pearls of wisdom, I know they can’t wave a magic wand an make everything better, but this is the same man who told me to go home an eat cake the last time I asked for help

He also pointed out that I am 30 now, so ok, it was fine when I was 29 about 5 months before, but now I’m 30, its somehow worse? Where do they find these people

I’m not happy, I’m not in a good place an I know that, I have no energy or motivation for life, there’s no excitement, nothing to live for, an I don’t mean that in a suicidal way

I’ve gotten so much better with my social phobia though, I’ve been trying graded exposure which seems to be helping, I’m not afraid to leave the house anymore, I’m self conscious but I push on, I go into town alone almost everyday, just to a local shop an then home, I’ve been going to cafes an restaurants for meals, I’ve been to the circus, I went to a bar with a friend an had a few drinks, I’m really trying, I spent so long being a prisoner in my own home, watching others live there lives from a window, I couldn’t take it anymore

Its hard sometimes, because no one ever seems to want to go anywhere or do anything, an I don’t know that many people, right now I’m at home an my mum an step dad are asleep in the living room, maybe I left it too late, everyone’s been there an done that, an I’m only just beginning to get there, I’ve held myself back a lot through fear, but I feel like its my time to finally live, I’ve wasted too much time already

I’m not going to pretend its been easy, because it hasn’t been, an I still find it hard, people might not understand unless they’ve been there, but getting up everyday, getting washed, doing your hair, forcing yourself to look at your reflection in the mirror when you see everything you hate, an then having to present that person to the world while anxious an scared, its a struggle, but one I’m fighting

Saying that, lately you never know what you’re going to get with me, my moods shift an swing so many times in a day, this is usually a problem for teenagers, but mental illness and depression especially for me create a mind field form of life, one minute I’m angry, then i could be laughing the next I’m crying

I stopped taking my anti psychotic medication a few months ago, so perhaps that’s why I’ve been feeling less in control, but I’d rather that, I’d rather feel something than be drugged to feel another way

I’m holding a lot of stress, I’m still jumping out of my sleep gasping for air, an my somatic disorder is causing havoc with my body, how have I stayed this sane? I think its denial, how did I make it through 2015… I never could have a few years ago, so I’ve come a long way

Anyway, enough about me, its family drama time again, I know you all love this part, I’m not a good writer so bare with me…

So, as you know my younger brother was in jail, for 10 weeks, he was released on a friday about two weeks ago, instead of going home to his girlfriend an new baby, he went to a bar an got drunk instead

Come the saturday, he’s drinking again, he an his girlfriend fall out so he lands to our house in a taxi, drunk, its the first time I’ve seen him in weeks as I can’t deal with the jail process you go through

He eventually leaves, we later hear he’s been arrested, turns out he landed to our uncles house, when they tried to get him to leave, he turned violent an started to threaten everyone, my uncle, his wife, the wifes mum an our cousin, he pee’d all over their doorstep an finally punched our cousin on the chin, we also heard he made another stop at a well known house of a drinker, an hit him on the head with a tin of beer, so he’s back in prison

Our cousin, has since filed for a claim, saying that as a result of the punch, her jaw is out of line, I’m not sticking up for my brother, but it took her 4 days to go to the doctors, I’ve seen her several times, an her jaw is fine, she says she can’t eat solids, but has been eating crisps an pizza etc, she claimed she couldn’t work but has been working everyday

A couple of days later, my mum wanted answers so she phoned my uncle, she tried to explain that my uncle should have phoned her, an she would have come straight up an removed my brother, I can’t hold it against my cousin, but mum felt hurt in some way because they involved the police

My uncles wife was in the back ground, an could be heard being quite abusive, which then started an argument between her an my mum on the phone

When my mother an I, my uncle an the cousin met in person, funnily at the casino of all places, (they are addicted to gambling) again arguing started, there were a lot of hurtful things said, but it never got physical

My cousin then went to the police an her solicitor an got an order against my mum, aunt and older brother, to stay away from her, we got a copy of the report an the lies she told were unbelievable

She said our family were stalking her, an hanging around her home, that my mum an aunt approached her in town while she was working, an were abusive an threatening, that on the night of the argument, my mum grabbed her arm, preventing her from leaving an threatened to slice her, an that my mum threatened to involve my older brother to ‘sort her out’

She says she’s been left disturbed an afraid for her life, but the thing is, its all lies, none of that happened

So now if my mum sees her in town, she has to turn an go another way, she can’t even say hello or she.. I’m pretty sure gets arrested, that’s how bad it is

She told the same lies to her doctor, as that report was also included in the one we got, she has an admitted addiction to diazepam, which she got as a result of her false statements, but the worst part is, my mother is also a patient at the same doctors surgery

I met her an my uncle one night not long ago, as I haven’t been mentioned in the reports an have nothing to do with any of it, I can approach her, an we get on very well, I calmly told her about the statements we read, and how they are false, an how she knew they were

She blamed her solicitor for the errors saying he rushed the order, an that’s how mistakes were made in her statement, an how one thing meant another an a whole load of nonsense, she failed to mention my name, even though I was present on two of the occasions she claiming, it was caught on cctv, and witnessed by a member of staff

I wrote a statement for my mother, an now I have to be a witness in a court case that will come at some stage, as my cousin is trying to make the order more permanent, my uncle heard my cousin admit everything, though he probably already knew it to be lies, but he is a christian an a pastor, so I wonder how he’ll avoid the truth if he’s sworn in, in court, probably pray for forgiveness afterwards, that’s how a lot of christians live with guilt, just my opinion

I just can’t believe that my cousin can make up as many lies as she wants, an it goes to court without my mum etc being about to tell their side, in court is when she’ll have to defend herself, how is that fair? But I guess that’s the law

My mum, aunt an older brother had to see the solicitor yesterday, but of course my older brother had been drinking, an made a fool of himself

He also had a brain scan as he had a seizure a few weeks ago, but we know its cause he’s taking tablets that are meant to be for people with nerve damage, he was that drunk they didn’t let him go ahead with it…

Would I know what a normal life is if I ever had one… This is my normal I guess

Party Pooper

It was my birthday yesterday, it was my 30th… An I have to say, it was probably the worst birthday I’ve ever had, it wasn’t anyone’s fault really, as the time ticked on, things just fell apart, and I ended up pretty much doing nothing

For weeks I couldn’t make up my mind about what to do, so when yesterday came, there wasn’t a plan, though I had many ideas

My older brothers, new girlfriends mum made me a birthday cake which was really nice of her, as I haven’t even met her yet, mum my step dad an I had a nice birthday lunch, an then I went and lifted some of my claim money because everyone else had destroyed theirs

No one had kept any money, my younger brother as you know is now in prison, my older brother hadn’t even bought me a present, I ended up having to lend him money the day before

My older brother wanted to have a drink, I wanted to go to a bar an have fun, social phobia isn’t a problem after a few drinks, I didn’t want to sit at home an drink, I’ve done that in the past an it was fun, but this time, it sounded sad, maybe because this wasn’t just any birthday

I was willing to pay for us to all go bowling or something, just have a laugh an I thought it would help me get to know my brothers girlfriend, who I had only met the day before

I tried phoning my aunt, to get her to organise it, but she didn’t answer her phone, by now it was about half six, my mum had went out to visit my aunt, an do a message for her or something, my step dad was out walking the dog an he’s gone for over an hour, an so I was left sitting home alone

When can we be slightly immature, if not on our birthdays, I like to recapture the past a little, be silly an not act like a grown up for a day, forget life and the outside world, take the seriousness out of life until tomorrow when everything becomes real again

I am a 30 year old man now, an I know that, but these are the times when a family should come together, to me, I only moved home at 17, I didn’t have what most kids did, I celebrated my birthdays with foster families, not my real family, is it wrong to still want to make up for lost time, even though I’m not a child anymore, maybe its time to let go of that part of me, I guess i shouldn’t be trying to live my birthdays like I’m a teenager anymore, nut sometimes its easy to forget

A part of me was angry, that so little thought had went into it, from everyone else, we are a close family, there only is the six of us, the rest of the family don’t bother with us an we’ve never been close

Yeah I got presents, an mum put up balloons an streamers, but that all felt like it was only for show, like doing something because that’s what you think you should do, there was no love behind any of it, time and love is more important to me than any gift money can buy

I had two voice in my head, the one that wanted to at least do something to salvage the day and have fun, and the other who was angry, this is my birthday, and I’m the one paying to have it, in the end the stubborn angry voice won, so I thought F… It, I might as well do something

I ended up just going to the casino, where I lost quite a bit, when people wished me happy birthday, I thought, what’s happy about it, I felt pretty pathetic sitting in a casino alone on my 30th

Mum figured out where I was an joined me for a while, it was better than being alone, but I was just really disappointed, more with myself than anything, so I barely spoke, regret is a horrible thing, and I have many

Birthdays for me are special, I don’t know why, maybe growing up in foster care, it was the one thing that couldn’t be taken away from me, my birthday

My last special birthday was of course 21, but I was really ill back then, that was back when I didn’t like people looking at me in natural light, an would put covers over the curtains to block out any light getting into my room, I’d just have lamps on an always looking at my face in a mirror, its not as bad as it sounds, but it was a hard time for me, I think it was a form of body dysmorphia

My mum came into my room that night with a big bun with 21 on it, an a candle, I nearly cried because I felt so weak an pathetic in that moment, I was so afraid to live my life that I didn’t

I guess boring means no drama right? Its memorable, for the wrong reasons, but sometimes that’s what we need in life to motivate us, like how I spent so many new years alone, until I vowed never to again… Barring this year of course…

Well, there’s always next year… Or when I’m 40!

Cat-fished The Rant!

So as the title says, this is a rant, so I’ll understand if you have better things to do than read this, its more for me than you, but…

There was this little black kitten in our estate, an it was crying for days, sometimes it would try an follow us home on the way back from town

Every time we got further away from it, it would cry louder, I’m an animal lover an always have been, so the cries pulled at my heart, I knew it was homeless because it was so thin

I could hear it crying all night from my room, an I slowly felt more an more guilty, thinking what can I do, we have a dog that lives in the house, an I already have a cat, who also lives inside, so I knew we couldn’t take it in, if you leave the kitten at all, it cries, an I mean cries, louder than any baby you’ve ever heard, us having the dog, an my cat, who are kept separate anyway, an my mum an step dad not too keen on the idea etc I thought about all that

When I was younger, and was living with a foster parent, cats would somehow always come into the back garden, I don’t know if people owned them or not, but I’d pet them forever, an then they’d never leave, the foster mum still fed them everyday though, even though they weren’t our pets, they all lived in a dog house that the dog never used, I was like some kind of, albeit innocently speaking cat burglar, literally

Anyway of topic, so I planned to take the kitten to the vet, because they wouldn’t turn away a helpless little kitten

I’d already asked this girl who lives near me for help, as she had re-homed a stray dog before, but she said her life was too crazy for a kitten right now, even though I wasn’t asking her to keep it, but anyway…

The night before I was gonna go to the vets, I got speaking to a woman we have kind of known for a long time, I had a run in with her years ago, when she owned a charity shop, long story short, I bought a dvd player, an was told by her son that if it didn’t work, I could bring it back an get a refund, when I did I was refused an had to settle for a credit note

But in the meantime she said her son had already phoned her, an explained about the whole giving me a refund, ok I’m sure he did, then before we could use the credit note, which by then I had given to my aunt, she barred us all from the store, for nothing, she’s a con artist, an I know she was robbing the place blind, no wonder she went out of business

Funny how she always seemed to have a bag full of two pound coins when she went to the casino, and after the shop closed down, she didn’t, she’s a thief, but we are civil anyway, an it was about the kitten, not me

She said her daughter lives on a farm, so if I brought the kitten to her, it would have a home, I thought great

The next evening, I got the kitten, it was crying in the doorway of a neighbours house, wouldn’t have killed someone to give it something, if I could hear it, they all could

I fed it an then took the kitten in a taxi to the womans house, she wasn’t there, but her son was an, let’s just say he was an ignorant.. So an so, avoiding certain words, of course he didn’t want to take it, until I got him to get his mum on the phone, I handed over the cat, an I felt good

About two days later, I see the woman again, an I ask how’s the kitten, turns out the son left a window open an it got out, so I think hmmm its winter an your son left a window open, ok, he smokes so I guess that could be true

She says someone she knows saw the cat hanging around the leisure centre which is only around the corner from her house, an that she’d go look for it the next day

I see her again, these run ins are at a small casino in town, where she is most days, my town has nothing, literally, so when I’m bored I do go in for a gamble, its a bad habit an I’ll deal with that at some point

So I ask her did she look for the kitten, she went silent, probably thinking up a lie, an she finally says to be honest I didn’t, not before saying the cat probably had aids, an that’s why its so thin… Really, I thought there’s more chance of you having aids than the kitten, but anyway, I leave it at that

I see too much of this woman, but I see her again, by this time she’s already spoken to my mum in passing, an told her that the cats owner turned up at her house asking about the cat, that it was a little old lady that lives down near us

So ok, first, that’s a lie, but let’s just say its true for arguments sake, I saw the cat everyday for about a week, and heard it crying, the cat was thin, you could see its bones, so was obviously outside for at least a week if not more, the old lady somehow didn’t find it in that time, even though I told you I saw it everyday, I took the kitten in the evening, dark, in a taxi, a mile into town, straight to her house, an some how the lady knew exactly where to go? Are you kidding me

I was angry when I saw her again, but just said, funny how the woman knew exactly where to go, she only replied by saying, I was wondering that myself

But as I said, she’s a liar an a con artist, about two years ago she suddenly became a psychic, so she cons people for a living, she’s not so psychic when she’s losing money in a casino

The truth probably is, either they didn’t want it an just let it loose, or it did get out an they just gave up an couldn’t be bothered, the crying probably annoyed them, cause it couldn’t be left alone, but I’m left feeling guilty, I should have brought it to the vets like I planned

But she had said the vets would probably have put it down, an when she mentioned her daughters farm, you know… but I know the vets would have given it to a shelter, a cute little black kitten that was very affectionate would have been re-homed in no time

Maybe I should have tried to find its owner before re-homing it, if it had one, but from what I’ve told you, it probably didn’t, and re-homing it was better than it starving out in the cold and dyeing, where it was last seen, a lot of older people live, I hope some kind older lady took it in, that’s what I hope

They do say no good deed goes unpunished, an in this case its true