Eye Of The Storm

My head is all over the place lately, so I apologise if this post isn’t written very well, but I’ll try my best

Lately my family life has been a mess, (how many times have I started a post with that or similar I wonder) as you know, my older brothers girlfriend went back to live at home with their son, as social services are involved, and made that decision for them

My family are angry, because her parents are too involved, and pushy, (my brother isn’t allowed to be alone with her and the baby, as its under a protection order, and although my brother is allowed to visit everyday, her parents, or another family member have to supervise the visits) I guess her parents think they are helping, but really they need to back off a bit, they even want the baby to have their last name and not my brothers, my brothers girlfriend (Miss A) says she’s done nothing but cry

Instead of stepping up, and trying to be a dad, an suffering for a while until things get better, its like he’s given up already, he’s done nothing but give his girlfriend abuse over the phone (I’ve heard him saying the most horrible things) and get drunk, the child isn’t even a week old, and he’s drank three times already, from last night right through till today being one of those times, he’s using all this as an excuse

I’ve stayed away, I haven’t touched alcohol in a while (christmas day) but of course I’ve heard everything that’s happened

The last day they were drinking, which was on thursday, they left my aunts house (as you know my brothers live with her) a mess, Mr G and his girlfriend Miss T were there again, among others, as usual fights broke out between everyone, (I saw Mr G’s face the next day and it was all bruised, along with the mess they left behind)

My aunt had stepped in at one point to break up one of the fights, in the midst of it, her top and bra got torn, and didn’t even realise that one of her breasts were hanging out, things were broken also, I feel so sorry for my aunt, she’s powerless in her own home

The police landed to my aunts to do a police check, my younger brother was arrested after failing a sobriety test, and now is out on bail, and has yet again an ankle tag and a curfew

Miss T was also arrested for assaulting a couple of the officers, and for throwing a dog bone at the police car (my aunt has dogs, in case you wondered) even though Mr G threw it

I know they were also taking that horse tranquilliser drug, so you can image how crazy it must have been, I’ve never taken it, and never would either

I haven’t heard the details about last night yet, but my younger brother landed here today, still drunk, crying and telling our mum he loves her, which he does every time, my step dad gave him a lift home so we could be rid of him

This post is almost a ‘Wistfully Dreaming’ 2.0, because its so similar

Me, since you last heard, I’ve just been very emotional, as usual you say… I’ve lost a friend in my brothers girlfriend, although we can still see each other, it won’t be the same anymore, I wouldn’t feel right either, if I was allowed to visit her and get more rights than my brother

I’ve also, (and strangely) found myself in a strange relationship type scenario again, and I’m juggling a bunch of emotions there, I guess I’m not the ‘dating’ type, it just sends me into a state of emotional stress and inner turmoil of insecurities, its early days, I’m just confused as to what I really want to happen

My solicitor phoned and asked to see me, I thought perhaps social services had made an offer, but no, it was about a report from years ago, its from an expert (which basically says I don’t have a case) its a report my solicitor has been keeping quiet, because social services would love to get their hands on it, it would ruin my case, although my solicitor will have to hand it over eventually

The good news is, is that social services got an expert to look at their own case, and even he says they were in the wrong, and were negligent, that’s from their own expert, so if it goes to court, it will be up to the judge to decide

I’m secretly hoping I’ll get an offer first though, if I do, I’ve been told I have to pay for that report I just mentioned, it hasn’t been paid for yet, so that will be two and a half thousand out of any money I get, if I fail, legal aid will pay for it though

Still, nice bomb to drop on me right?

I’m just stressed out, its an emotional time for me right now, an with this five day court case starting on the 11th its just another unwanted stress

With everything going on, it feels like being stuck in the middle of a storm, with no where to run